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Women, the Olympics and Team Sports

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Frank Bruni recently wrote an article called Women’s Time To Shine for the New York Times. Bruni states that the US Government passed the Title IX Act four decades ago to assure that women receive as many athletic opportunities as men. He also states that, while high schools and colleges do a fairly decent job to promote these opportunities, athletic opportunities truly shine for women in the Olympics.

This year for the first time women athletes on the US team will exceed the number of men (269 women vs. 261 men) and those participants include a woman boxer and a weight lifter. These women have worked hard to achieve their goal to participate in the Olympics and they deserve tremendous praise, but Bruni goes on to state that women have the right to more opportunities and encouragement on the secondary and college levels, and I quote:

“This is important not because of any vague, reflexive political correctness but because saluting women’s athletic achievements encourages their athletic pursuits which can impart invaluable life lessons: about teamwork, tenacity, sacrifice, conviction. Women deserve the same access to those (advantages) as men.”

Bruni raises important issues that we, as mothers and grandmothers, should consider. When young people participate in any sport he or she develops skills and strengths that will support them through their lives. Team sports help individuals develop cooperation, tenacity and a conviction toward particular goals.

We can make a difference when we support and encourage our daughters and granddaughters in their quest for equal athletic opportunities. Let’s help make the next generation of adult woman even stronger and more tenacious than those of today!
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