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7 Ways to Make Online Dating Work for You

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7 Ways to Make Online Dating Work for You

Online dating seems like an obvious route for those looking for love at any age, but how do you master the art of “meeting” someone through the internet and then meeting them in real life.

Often times dating, in general, tends to take us out of our comfort zones and online dating can make the 50+ singles a little wearier than our younger social media empowered generation, but ask anyone who has ever bought a car- If you want to buy a new car, you’d naturally go out and find one—you wouldn’t wait until the right car happened to drive right past you. That same sentiment is true for finding love.

If you have always been curious about online dating or have done it before but gotten overwhelmed, here are a few tips and techniques to help you master new dating domain.

Be Real: Showcase your unique personality traits.It’s these traits that make you, you. If you condense who you are, it will make finding the right ‘match” much more difficult. Let the science in the “auto-matching” work in your favor by listing your true to life hobbies and lifestyle choices. Having success finding quality men and women to date online starts with posting a great profile and picture that makes you stand out from everyone else.

Don’t Forget To Play “ The Game”: Dating feels like a chore when you don’t know how to play and flirt with the opposite sex, online and in the real world. Being flirty, fun and engaging tells the other person you are interested and allows both of you to put your guard down. Both men and women love compliments and flirting allows you to choose the people you would want to go out with.

Make Sure You Are Ready: If you’re not ready to date, you may not be ready to find a healthy relationship. In order to date successfully, you need to be reasonably happy and confident of your worth and have a positive outlook on the future. If you’re still harboring anger or hurt from a past relationship, it may be better to wait a bit before jumping into the dating pool. You need to feel open and up for an adventure. If you’re having trouble getting to the right mental space for dating, take a break and try again in a little while.
Don’t Limit Your Options:

Try not to list “dealbreakers” or make demands in your online profiles. Be real and honest about how you answer questions about what you’re looking for in a partner but without the negativity of what you don’t want. Filtering out your “deal breakers” with what you DO want, will make your profile more enticing, and make you seem more open to adventure. If you absolutely hate smoking, perhaps write about how you love long hikes and need a partner with lots of stamina instead.

Try to be flexible, having a few hard “don’ts” is a part of life but be open and willing to date outside of your “comfort zone” or you will limit your dating possibilities.

Stay Safe:  Online dating has the potential to open up the possibilities of identity theft, or other scams, you can be open to new adventures while still exercising caution. At least initially, be sure to talk on the phone (preferably your mobile phone, as your landline can be linked to your home address) before meeting in person and always meet at a public space like a restaurant or coffee shop. Though most people are honest and well-meaning, keeping yourself safe should always be a priority.

Be Resilient: It may take a while to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.  It can take quite a few coffee shop dates before you find someone who is right for you. Still, it’s worth it. Think of dating as an opportunity to expand your social life. Even if the person has no long-term prospects, you can still enjoy your time together, however brief, and, of course, the coffee.

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