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We’re purchasing a much smaller home for my retirement.  I’ve never used an interior designer before, but a co-worker told me that I could really benefit from it.  What does an interior designer really do and won’t that be an added expense?


An interior designer can actually save you time and money.  A designer will come to your home and help you to make a plan for what your needs and desires are.  They key is to tell the designer what your expectations and budget are for each project.  When you give the designer this information, he/she will be able to find the best products to fit that budget.  The designer will carefully work with you from the planning stages, take care of all of your ordering and customer service and be there for the installation of your new products.  There are two major benefits here:  1.  You are working with one individual and they are responsible for coordinating all deliveries, contractors, etc.  2.  The designer is going to present only the best products and services to you.  Select a designer based on their experience, portfolio and personality.  You need to remember that this is a delightful process and you should work with someone who you will enjoy seeing a on regular basis while you are working on your project.  Deborah Carducci 


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