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Because it WORKS! (It’s that simple!) We’re a leader! We’re designed, developed, and cherished by folks over 50. We “get it” – We “live it” – We ARE it! We’re headed for unparalleled success – and would love you to join us!

When it comes to AFL
Did You Know…

We’ve already exceeded our goal – in our March to a Million pageviews.
In a January – to – January comparison (2017-2018) USERS were up 5-fold; and VIEWS? They increased 6-fold!

& when it comes to
genuine After-Fiftiers

Did You Know…
Our Generation is HUGE!

There are OVER 100,000,000 of us in the US alone who are at least age 50! (Source: US Census)
The total numbers in the AFL age cohort increased by more than 15 % between 2010 and 2015 (age 55+; Source: US Census)
The median age in the US between 2010 and 2015 increased from 36.9 to 37.6. (Source: US Census)

Did You Know…

We absolutely adore being and staying healthy! While our numbers swelled between 2000 and 2014, the proportion of us who died (per 100,000 of the population) DECLINED by more than 16%!

Did You Know…
We’re “Walkin’ the Walk!”

We are more affluent than younger generations. See this chart based on US Census figures.

WHAT makes After Fifty Living tick –
Did you know…

AFL is authentic. (Maybe that’s why we’re such a hit!)

  • Our Founder, Jo-Anne Lema, is proud of each birthday candle AND each wrinkle!
  • Our Bloggers, to a person, are genuinely After 50! It’s a requirement. And it shows!

We’re relevant. (Well, maybe that’s why we’re rolling!)

  • Having clocked years of experience, we relish our wisdom – and love sharing it!
  • We’re charting new territory – as a generation – and love learning from one another!

Our Site Sizzles! – Here’s a bit more….

AFL Facebook followers have topped 65,000 and we’re on track to crack through the 100,000 mark by Fall! Stay tuned!
We love posting animations and videos. A recent posting had over 80,000 views! Ahhh-mayyy-zing!

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We can post your article, your video, your animation – and can even work with you to create and design a posting – to appear in any one or multiple AFL properties.

Whatcha waitin’ for? If not now, then when? As AFL member Leah M. says, “Life just gets better and better after 50!”




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