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What Really Matters

December 11th, 2009 was the beginning of a major change. My grand-daughter Kayla was born. She is the first girl in 51 years…..since my birth December 20th, 1958. I became a Grandmother.

I’ve been raising three boys on my own for the last 20+ years. I got divorced while my youngest was just 1 years old and it has been my biggest challenge. I look back now and wonder how did I do it with virtually little to no help. Fortunately for us, we made it. They are now 26, 21 and 18. There was so much testosterone in our house that my smooth edges became very rough. There was dirt, sports, fighting and tons of dirty socks. I enjoyed them even though I was physically exhausted much of the time.

Then it happened….Kayla was born and I felt my softness returning. Slowly I began to care about things like the environment, health and wellness, natural and organic foods.

I even became a Shaklee distributor. I swore I would never sell products, but never say never.

The bond I share with my grand-daughter at such an early stage of her life is evident to everyone around us. She definitely knew then and knows now that I’m for her and she shows it.

Pink has become a favorite color and I cry a lot more often. I look to do things in my life that make a difference.  I’m excited about getting more in touch with my feminine side and teaching Kayla so much of what I learned and continue to learn. It’s like being given a second chance at parenthood and I’m paying attention this time.

Thank you for providing this forum. I am so excited to participate here and hope to be of service in some way or another. I feel fantastic at this age and will share this website with everyone over fifty I know.

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