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What Is A Senior’s Lifestyle?

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Many people view the senior years or their “retirement” with some degree of trepidation.

When we think back to our parents’ generation when it seemed that there wasn’t a whole lot to look forward to past 65. Life expectancy 40 years ago was 67 for men who were the primary income earners in those days. How times have changed!

Today, for men, life expectancy is near 80, while for women it is over 80, and women are just as much a part of the work force. Many are living well into their 80’s, 90’s and beyond.

So the question is, what are we going to do with all those extra 20 or so years? In our time as chiropractor and medical doctor, we have seen too many people bored, grouchy and just so uninspired in their senior years, while others are discovering a whole new world. For us, in our upper 60’s, the world is just opening up in so many different ways.

One of the things that has been so valuable for us is identifying our values. What is most important in our lives? Many people don’t actually stop to assess this and their lives are not congrent with their values.

There are 7 areas of our lives from which we derive our values and these can change over the span our lives. This is especially true when seniors find that they no longer have a job to go to, no more children at home and suddenly they may feel like lost souls.
For us, our top 3 values are our relationship, travel and finances. You may wonder where travel comes in on the chart. Travel can be a very spiritual endeavour in addition to being social, physical and mental. So one activity can actually transcend several areas of life. Since we have been travelling extensively, finances are important.
Stop and look at your life, and see what is most important to you. When you identify that, life becomes inspiring and fun. When you are living life at odds with your values, you find life a drag and full of stress.
Live your life with passion!

Editor’s Note:  Dr Adele Thomas, semi-retired medical doctor and Dr Ely Lazar, retired chiropractor, are on a new mission as the Passionate Retirees. They are dedicated to inspiring the over 50s to live fulfilling and adventurous lives, so that “the twilight years will be the highlight years”. Their book, “Travel Secrets For Seniors” was released in early 2014. With more than 80 years combined of professional experience, their articles, books and workshops cover a range of topics from travel, health, relationships, sexuality and finances for seniors.

“Adele and Ely have always impressed me with their exceptional knowledge, professionalism and positive attitude. Mention their name and the one word that always comes up is respect.” – John Ross, Master Networker



Dr Adele Thomas, semi-retired medical doctor, and Dr Ely Lazar, a retired chiropractor, are the founders of Passionate Retirees. Their mission is to inspire the over 50s to live fulfilling lives with gusto, but most importantly to live their lives with Purpose. As the Passionate Retirees, Adele and Ely have more than 80 years of combined professional experience as health care professionals. This background and their life experience has made them well-versed in the areas of health, travel, relationships, sexuality and finances for the over 50s. They have published two books, Travel Secrets For Seniors and Relationship Secrets For Sexy Seniors, along with a free ebook, 7 Retirement Secrets Revealed. They are contributors to After Fifty Living and write articles and blogs on varied topics. In addition, the Passionate Retirees have been interviewed on radio and television, and they conduct workshops, most notably, 7 Secrets To A Purposeful Life. In October, 2016, they launch their new Podcast, Passionate Retirees: Life After 50. To contact Adele or Ely go to: or email them on You can also “like” them on Facebook.

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