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Way too many clothes!

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I probably use only one out of every 10 items hanging in my closet.  I’ve made some disastrous – and expensive – shopping mistakes.   I can’t afford to keep making poor choices in selecting clothing.  Are there any rules or guidelines to keep in mind for the next time I shop for clothes?


Yes, I have a few rules.

  1. 1.  Buy only things you LOVE. Liking it and a great sale price don’t equal love.
  2. 2.  Ask yourself, What will I wear this with? Anything and everything are not actual pieces of clothing.
  3. Where will you wear this? Visualize the occasions of you life that you’d show up in this new piece. Also, anywhere is a location.

If you can’t make a great outfit with the new piece, it’s worthless – so take it back. Oh, my rule for how long to keep something is: IF YOU CAN’T WEAR IT NOW, GET RIDE OF IT! The only value are garments have is when we wear them¦.somewhere.  Julie Foley  

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