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Want To Cook Like Ina Garten? You Need These 3 Kitchen Items

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Want To Cook Like Ina Garten? You Need These 3 Kitchen Items

If you want to cook like the Barefoot Contessa, it may not be easy, or inexpensive but Ina Garten has some tips to help make things a little less complicated.

While Garten is known for her luxurious and delicious recipes and her kitchen reflects simple elegance. Ina sat down with Danny Meyer at 92Y in New York City. According to Bon Appétit, Garten shared the three tools she can’t cook without. And no surprise, they’re very utilitarian.

Ina’s recommendation included a “good set of knives,” that are sharp enough to cut through anything.  “There was one time I was carving a duck, and it’s all bones. I just can’t do it!” Garten told the crowd. “I must have said something that rhymes with ‘duck.'” She said jovially.  It’s why she has a “big box of Band-Aids in the kitchen drawer, just in case.” Something you probably want to invest in also.

Garten suggests buying a few half-sheet pans that can be used for all your oven needs. It’s the second most important thing needed to make her signature roast chicken, that she’s nicknamed “Engagement Chicken” because it’s so delicious that often its result is more than a mere chicken dinner. Ina rounded out her list with a citrus zester as the final item she can’t live without.

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