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Updating the bath – on a budget

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Both my husband and I are in agreement that we want to "stay put" in our home. My late-1970’s bathroom is turquoise blue, including wall and floor tile, bathtub, toilet, and sink.  I know it needs to be updated, but I don’t have tens-of-thousands to spend.  What would you recommend I concentrate on. 

Your situation is not unique by any means.  Even a simple bathroom remodel can get costly!  The consideration is what you have for a budget.  If it is a small budget, then consider a "nip and tuck".  This not only includes fresh coats of paint on the walls and ceiling, but also re-caulking and grouting of the tub and tile.  You may consider changing your bath linens, shower curtain, floor mats and towels to all white – give yourself a spa look.  This will keep everything to white and one color.  The more color/patterns you add, the more the room will look dated.  If you have a little more in the budget, consider changing the toilet and sink to white as well.  One trick I love to use is to hang a full-length shower curtain (this will most likely have to be made) from the ceiling on a track.  This way, when you use the tub/shower, you can push it all the way to one side, but when it is fully closed, it will hide everything including your turquoise tub!   Deborah Carducci 

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