Understanding Your Cruise Price Quote (Caveat Emptor!)

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Inexperienced cruisers often mistake a cruise price quote for their true cost.

They are shocked to find a $1,700.00

cruise morph into $4,400.00


Many quotes do not include taxes, fees(NCFs), insurance, or gratuities.



A company advertisement where I grew up used to say…


An educated consumer is our best customer!


I believe in that as well so let’s talk about HOW to understand YOUR quote. 

To understand and/or compare quotes you will need a complete breakdown of what you are paying for.

Of course, I recommend everyone use a reputable travel agent to walk you through the quote and explain in detail what is included and is NOT included.


                         What Does Your Quote Include?


In the example quote above, you will note there are five main categories.  They are “Cruise Fare”, “Non Comm Cruise Fare” (NCCF), “Vacation Protection” (Travel insurance), “Gratuities” (group tip), and “Taxes and Fees”.


How this information is formatted depends on the cruise line and/or your travel agent.

The important thing is the “complete” breakdown of all charges!

At a minimum you should expect three basic charges… the base cruise fare, government taxes, and port charges and fees which are also known as NCFs.




Some companies advertise

              “Low Ball

base cruise fare teaser rates

designed to pique your interest,

with the expectation that you can

later be “sold”.

My advice is to avoid those who would “SELL” you and gravitate to those who will lead you to what you want, and keep you from making common mistakes.

It is NOT uncommon to find a cruise advertised for $299 per person that bottom lines at $ 1,200.00!

                               $ 299.00 Base Fare + $ 300.00 Taxes & fees = $ 599.00                                                        

                     PER PERSON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY…  $ 599.00 X 2 = $ 1,198.00!

                                                    No gratuities or insurance yet…


                                     CRUISE FARE TERMS EXPLAINED

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