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Traveling Alone

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I want to do some traveling and will most probably go alone, but feel unsure about that.  What suggestions do you have regarding traveling alone at sixty….I am female.

There are many mature women who travel alone.  I would "google" senior travel websites first to research exactly what you are looking for.  There are even a few companies who offer a "guar-share"  program if you are interested in finding a roommate.  Many women become friends and traveling companions for years in that way.  However, don’t be afraid to travel by yourself if that suits you.  But, I would definitely stick to escorted tours to start.  There are always other single women and they often tend to pair up for company.  And, many people on tours, including couples, tend to watch out for the singles.  You can meet a lot of new friends by traveling alone.  Happy travels!  Kileen Prather


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