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Recently I went to the eye doctor and made the decision while picking out new frames to enter into the world of transition lenses. When I first placed them on I was unsure as to what to expect.  I was excited to see when I walked into the sunshine the lenses immediately went from clear white to dark brown in an instant. Most days I love the new lenses but there are times they frustrate me as I do not always agree with the transition choice they decide for me.  I sometimes get impatient for instance when I walk into a store and must wait for the lenses to become clear.  I wish at times I can control the shade I want and have it happen when I say.

We experience transitions in our lives as well.  Most days go smoothly with our chores and routines.  Every now and then we all have or will experience a change.  It could be a sad transition such as loss of a loved one,  it could be physical due to illness,  emotional due to a betrayal, scary as in times of not being able to do what we once did and there are also the happy times where the sun shines every day and all is well.   The one thing in life that is guaranteed is change.  It is not something we do but have to allow whether we agree or not.

The laughter, the tears, the worries, the mistakes that my old frames saw me through were wonderful transitions that brought me to this terrific age of 55.

Its not easy to get used to new frames.  Sometimes we are not recognized or they are tight and hurt until we break them in.  For years I did not make eye appointments because I felt comfortable in my old lenses and stayed in that mindset despite not being able to see things clearly.   I finally came to the reality that I will never learn and grow by staying comfortable.  Sometimes things are uncomfortable but once we get used to the change we are happy to have learned something new.  Do it the same way you will get the same result and while at times that is a good way to be I want to learn and grow.

I welcome each and every day and trust the shades that will lead me to the next transition.   I have learned so much from the past  and I look forward to future experiences.   We are 50 something and these truly are the best days of our lives. Transitions can be fun and exciting and even during the challenging times there are lessons to be learned.

I still from time to time get upset when I am faced with a transition I do not want.  On those days I say the serenity prayer
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

There will be transitions that are totally out of our control.  Those “good old” days are gone but we cannot define them as our best days.  I feel our best days are still ahead of us and we need to wake each day with the memory that today will also one day be referred to as the good old days.

Lets walk together on this third chapter adventure and face each transition that awaits us. There are many days I still do not know what to expect the view from my lens will be.  They may not always be easy and we may face difficult challenges but  action and acceptance will get us through each one.  On days when I am mad that the lenses are dark I try hard to look up and smile at the light.  When I see the goodness my transitions have brought me to it is easier to accept things I cannot change and allow things to happen as they will.
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