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Tips for a Second Trip Down The Aisle

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A second wedding is a chance to focus more on what you want as a couple instead of the wedding your parents had hoped for you. Today there are no rules in second weddings; the happy couple can customize it as they see fit.

Chances are someone you know will make another trip down the aisle at one point in his or her life. Individuals who have lost a spouse or have divorced may eventually choose to remarry.

Second weddings are a great way for couples to showcase their personalities and don’t have to be constrained by tradition. Here are some top tips for taking that trip down the aisle the second time around.

Put your first wedding out of your mind. Now is not the time to make comparisons. This wedding should be all about you and your new spouse-to-be. Go for something completely different than your prior wedding so there will be no side-by-side comparisons.

Choose a wedding party you really want. You can have a lavish wedding again, complete with a big bridal party. However, this time around you can choose the friends and family members you really desire to stand beside you, instead of individuals you may have felt obligated to include the first time around.

Go ahead and wear white. Tradition once stated that second-time brides were not supposed to wear white. Toss tradition aside and go ahead and do what you want. Just be sure the gown compliments your age and body shape and doesn’t seem too virginal. If your previous wedding was annulled, you also may be able to wear a wedding veil.

Include your children in the festivities and planning. If you or your future spouse has children from a previous marriage, make them feel a part of this new blended family by including them in the second wedding. They may play a role in the ceremony, such as making a speech or reading a religious passage. Other brides and grooms choose to have their children walk them down the aisle this time around. Also, involve the kids in the planning. They may be excited to help you choose wedding vendors or address invitations.

Personalize your event. Take the time to write your own vows, make handmade favors or single out the special people in your lives.

Feel free to be extravagant. You may be more established in life with a secure job and bigger paycheck. Therefore you can expand the wedding budget a little more. Go for all of the goodies you may have passed on with your previous marriage, such as exotic foods or that extra-long honeymoon.

Involve the groom as well. Today’s modern men want a say in their wedding just as much as the bride, say wedding experts. Make sure he is apprised of all the details and ensure that he is able to make it to vendor appointments and the like.

Just as a second wedding is a second chance for happiness, it is another opportunity to throw the wedding of your dreams.

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