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There To Understand

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We have too many high sounding words and too few actions to correspond with them”—Abigail Adams

The English language has many words that sound the same but are spelled in different ways and with a switch of a few letters give it an entirely different meaning.   Just this afternoon sitting at my computer typing this post I am concentrating to be sure I am using the correct form of there and to in my title.

With so many choices is it any wonder we get misunderstood.

Abigail Adams is correct.  Actions speak louder than words.

Human nature forces us to believe our opinion or point of view is the correct one.  I think we can all agree no matter of our differences everyone wants their feelings validated and understood.  Unfortunately words when not used correctly cause pain and conflict.

There will always be differences of opinion.  Life would be boring if everyone shared the same values and point of view.   It takes work but it is possible to agree to disagree and reach a common ground.  We need to simply listen and respect opinions.

If I offend anyone with words it is irrelevant if it was not my intention to do so. Feelings are true and if a person thinks a certain way they are entitled.  I do not have to agree with how the person feels but I am responsible for acknowledging their feelings.  So many arguments could be avoided if we stopped and looked at things from all sides.

When you look at images through a magnifying glass the object does not change however the perception is altered.  It is possible to magnify words to make them larger in order to get everyone on our side.    Our thoughts create our actions.  The answer to the problem is eliminating taking sides in the first place by changing how we view others opinions versus magnifying the differences.

A touch, hug, smile, and a kiss are things we all can understand.  I hope one day we can stop giving others a piece of our minds but instead live in peace.

I pray protesting, fighting and wars stop.

I need to remind myself how fragile days are and take the advice of Abigail Adams and use more loving actions versus complicated words.  We can all accomplish this if we are willing to stop speaking and instead listen, smile, hug and show up with the intention to be there to understand.

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