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The After Fifty Living Launch

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I realize that I’m “behind the eight-ball” – that absolutely nothing was posted on this blog last week! Hopefully you’ll be understanding! Last week was the official Launch Week for and things were pretty hectic – exciting, but hectic nonetheless. As part of the week’s activities, we started a genuine public relations effort to get the word out and we’re pleased with those results.

But I really want to share with you my feelings upon now going “official.” Friends and acquaintances are offering congratulations – “Wow – it’s real!” And people keep asking, “How do you feel?” You may be surprised at the answer. I feel like I’ve just given birth to an elephant. The gestation period was long – longer than ever anticipated, and at points the process was painful. But in the end, we have before us this beautiful being – or entity in this case, and I couldn’t be prouder.

And so I want to take a moment to thank some very special people who helped in very significant ways to bring this all to fruition: (in alphabetical order) Sherry Alpert, PR consultant, whose prodding and questioning helped to clarify important issues; Mitch Cohen who, as chief technology architect of the project had the vision, talent, foresight and patience to do and then re-do, to get it all “just right;” Luis Lema, my husband, who spent hour after hour listening and supporting; Tica Lema-Coan, my daughter, who along with offering genuine kindness and emotional support, kept scouring through her contacts to find me just the right talent to match the need of the moment; James Lema, my son, who, along with his wife Jaime and daughter Daisy would invite me into their world of happiness and baby diapers, and thus, help keep me both grounded and sane; Fenna Lesniewski, chief designer, who, with her extraordinary talent, has created a work that is not only artful, but also useful, appealing, and user-friendly; and Mark Sullivan, friend-in-chief, who spent countless hours strategizing on topics as wide ranging as “what to name the site” to “how to add business value” to critiquing the business plan.

I am blessed indeed to be surrounded and supported by this wonderful group of people. To them I say, “Thank you.”

And now, to you, I say, “Welcome” to the world of After Fifty Living. The AFL tag line says it all. None of us knows what lies around the next corner in our lives, so get out there and “Live it fully, live it now!”

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