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Thanksgiving Draws To A Close….

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The Thanksgiving weekend is drawing to a close. Yes, there’ll be more football games – but none that seem quite as intense as the games fueled by turkey gravy and chestnut stuffing. The last of the guests are on their way home (or soon will be) – so please bear with me and let me share with you a few of the things that I have been giving thanks for.

I’m grateful to have the privilege to be a citizen of the United States. Yes, we’re going through some very difficult times right now. Our economy is rotten and our political system seems to be getting sucked down into a quagmire. Yet, here I am – able to say that, and I have no fear that tomorrow I’ll be shot dead as I sit in my car at a red light. And so, not only am I thankful for the privilege of US citizenship, I’m especially thankful and eternally indebted to the hundreds of thousands of US Veterans who have put their lives on the line – for the freedoms that we all too frequently take for granted.

I’m thankful not only for my own good health, but for that of my loved ones and, in addition, for the good health of those who are near and dear to all those loved ones. That said, I’m grateful to be alive today, in 2010, because even though there are many medical mountains yet to be conquered, we have made great advances in so many areas of healthcare.

I’m grateful that we’re taking a serious look at our educational system today. We are terribly deficient in this area, and this deficiency contributes to our economic woes. Let’s support those who are now at this moment undertaking a serious review of what needs to be done. We need to be able to intellectually challenge our youth so they can appropriately correct the many messes that we After Fiftiers are leaving behind.

I’m thankful for you, the After Fifty community, and for the blessings of technology, that allows us After Fiftiers to share with one another our issues and concerns, our joys and fears.

Finally, I offer thanks for the wonderful blessing of Daisy, our first grandchild, who poked her head into this world almost seven short months ago. So many things have changed – for the better – as a result of her arrival. How is it that such a tiny bundle can turn everything so much brighter?!! Her presence sharpens priorities and enlivens our thoughts and actions.

And so, hope your entire holiday season is bright and blessed! Cheers!!!

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