Success Stories: I Found A Job After Long-Term Unemployment

Headline after headline about corporate downsizing and businesses folding can leave you wondering: Is anybody out there actually finding a job?  Yes (though oftentimes not very quickly). Here are three real-life success stories of people who persevered through prolonged unemployment before landing a new position.  Volunteer work leads to ...Read More

So You Want To Be a Consultant!

Do You Have What It Takes? Successful consultants have distinct qualities: They are very disciplined. They can balance the execution of consulting assignments with a steady, organized marketing effort for new business. Consultants are very good communicators, both orally in presentations and sales meetings as well as in written reports. They are co...Read More

Are You Thinking of Starting a Business?

Why Do You Want To Do It? Have you always wanted to start a business? Do you have a lifetime of experience to draw on? Have you seen how good businesses operate? Would you like to relive the famous story of Colonel Sanders who started the Kentucky Fried Chicken business while in his sixties? Could you write a list of the ten most important things a...Read More

Re-Entering the Workforce? Four Helpful Guidelines.

When my AARP card arrived in the mail, my focus was on complete reentry into the workforce instead of retirement. Many people over 50 are job-hunting for a variety of reasons. Some, like me, are older parents who have not worked in full-time employment for a number of years. Others are job-hunting after corporate downsizing. Some seek a second more...Read More

L.L. Bean and After-Fifty Workers

L. L. Bean is one of AARP’s top 50 places to work for those over 50, but the decision makers at the Freeport, Maine casual living retailer and catalog-company never planned it that way. "The policies support all of our workers," according to Martha Cyr, vice president of Human Resources.  "We weren’t targeting any pa...Read More

3 Myths about Older Job Seekers

Big Foot roams the woods of North America. The Loch Ness Monster lurks below the water’s surface in Scotland. Hiring younger workers makes more sense than hiring mature ones. Which one of these myths is most widely believed? Big Foot and "Nessie" may be out in the wild somewhere, but mature job seekers are just as attractive job can...Read More

What Does It Take To Be Considered Overqualified?

As a job seeker, you may sometimes think you’re a contortionist, trying to fit and shape yourself into the perfect candidate for the job. Oftentimes you need to tweak your experience and skills to match the job posting’s phrasing. But what if you find yourself easily meeting or even surpassing the job requirements? While you may think y...Read More

More older Americans remaining part of the work force

Sixty-five is the normal retirement age, but many Americans are working much later in life, and it’s not just because they need the money. The number of workers who are 75 and older has skyrocketed by 76.7% in the past two decades, according to research by the AARP Public Policy Institute. "We are living longer, healthier lives," sa...Read More

Searching for the next door to open

Like his father before him, Mike Coble has spent his adult life on the road, trucking up and down Interstate 5. The youthful-looking 51-year-old didn’t think much about following his father’s tracks. After all, it provided a regular paycheck in an era when such things can no longer be taken for granted. Lately, however, the long out-of-...Read More

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