Is It Work – Or Is It Passion?

While taking a break from the sun and surf, relaxing in my hotel room in a tiny beach town on Mexico’s rugged Pacific Coast, my cell phone rang. ‘Howdy, Beautiful!’ my friend of four decades shouted from snow country, thousands of miles away. “Been watchin’ your website for years and I read all your stories. Love ‘em. But I thought you were r...Read More

Every Yes Counts

When I was younger I thought as I got older my days would be less busy.  I smile as I type this blog this morning at how happy I am that I was wrong.  At this wonderful age of 56 I am busier than ever and feeling happier than I have in a while I will admit I was quite nervous when I said yes to a nursery teacher’s aide position at our church ...Read More

Encore Entrepreneurs

When I opened my Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago, I was very pleasantly surprised to see on the cover of my Parade magazine a photo of a gentlemen described as an “encore entrepreneur”. The article subtitle is: “How five later bloomers turned big ideas into sweet success”. The link to the article is: http://parade.condena...Read More

How To Fit Your Boomer Business To Your Life

I’ve learned that sometimes talented people fail to act upon their entrepreneurial ambition because they think that the process is too complicated, too costly and requires a “really big idea”.  I’m pleased to tell you that none of this is true, and that in fact today you can fit almost any entrepreneurial activity to yo...Read More

Boomers Starting Businesses: Let's Look At Those Fears

I have been posting articles about the entrepreneurial life on the After Fifty Living website for a little over a month now, and I was pleased to initially see some very positive comments from AFL members about, “it’s time to do something entrepreneurial.”  Joanne Lema and I were recently discussing entrepreneurial interest a...Read More

Giving Back: The Power of Boomer Entrepreneurs

I recently attended a meeting of a local charity that supports an economically-challenged church congregation in the inner city of Chicago.  We discussed new projects that we’d like to bring to life, and of course the conversation quickly turned to “who can volunteer to do this or this?”  As I looked around the room at t...Read More

The Next Boomer War: The FRAD vs WALI

Whenever Baby Boomers reach a new phase of life, it makes news.  Other generations may tire of hearing about us but when you are part of the “pig in the python” generation, well, attention must be paid. The latest trend we’ve established is that many of us are simply refusing to retire.  Realistically speaking, a lot of ...Read More

Work Less – "It's a Better Life"

Whenever I write about reasons not to take Social Security early, I get responses from readers that are similar to this one: I just read your article on holding off taking Social Security when one reaches age 62.  Some people say this is a government conspiracy to keep people from taking a piece of what they and their employers have paid into ...Read More

The New Retirement – The People Speak

I continually read the latest insights and information on the varied new forms of “retirement” that boomers are conceptualizing. One of my most interesting finds recently is a new survey report researched and reported by Age Wave, a leading consultancy on boomers and retirement, on the behalf of Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management. T...Read More

Turning a Product Idea into a Great Boomer Business

The vast majority of the companies in the Fortune 500 started out as small business enterprises, many created to bring one specific new product idea or design to life.  We live in the land of Thomas Edison, who by his own admission failed a hundred times more often than he succeeded.  But when he succeeded – oh boy! He hit the bull&...Read More

BOOMERPRENEURS! Opportunity Is Knocking!

“Are You Ready To Start Your Own Business?”with Jeff WilliamsAfter Fifty Living's Boomerpreneur Blogger   Let's “Learn & Share” with Jeff!  He'll start this lively learning session by presenting: “The Five Keys To Running A Successful Business.” You'll have plenty of time to...Read More

Biz Starters Styles: How To Turn Your Hobby Into a Great Business

This blog posting is the first of a series, which I am calling “Biz Starters Style”. Each posting over the next couple of weeks will describe in brief one particular style of creating a business. Today’s style is turning a hobby into a profitable business. Please read on….. *********...Read More

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