7 Reasons Not to Retire Before 66

At some point most people will stop working and begin to transition into our second act. You will have time and freedom of choice to do what you want to. Most people look forward to the day when we don’t have to wake up to the alarm clock and go to work anymore.

Get Your Dream Job At 55

For the new crop of 50- and 60-somethings, retirement doesn’t mean they’re ready to stop working. It simply means changing gears. Fred and Pat R. were more than ready for retirement. At 56, Fred had spent most of his professional life managing high-pressure fuels and gases at NASA’s Space Center in Florida, while Pat had managed a...Read More

5 Things To Know About Returning to Work After 50

There’s nothing more daunting than a job search. In any normal situation, looking for work is exhausting, disheartening, and challenging. When you’re returning to the workforce, particularly over 50, you come across even more hurdles. Your age, your intimidating resume, and the fact that technology is moving at a speed that even the gainfully emplo...Read More

How To Find Your Perfect Retirement Dream Job

Is there a favorite place that you frequent? Do you love spending time there? Do you enjoy their product or service? Maybe, possibly, it could turn into a perfect retirement dream job. Try volunteering somewhere and see if you like it. If you are all a great fit for each other, maybe it can turn into employment where you earn income. Over half of r...Read More

Working Longer? GREAT! Here’s Why….

WELCOME to our 3-Part series on the benefits of working longer! Benefits, you say? You betcha! Here, (Part 1), are some of the physical and mental health benefits… When you first start your career it feels like you’re opening up a book, knowing that when you get to the end of that book there will be a happy ending: retirement!  While many peo...Read More

The Best Retirement Plan is Not To – Thoughts by Aaron Clarey

It’s an all too common problem. Every month I host a financial planning class and I ask all the new students to introduce themselves.  And while there’s the occasional 35 year old housewife there, unfortunate widow whose husband did the finances there, or even the young whipper snapper 23 year old trying to get a jump on things, the plurality of my...Read More

Top 5 Reasons Companies Should Hire 50+ candidates

What would you think about a 75-year-old working in a factory or even an 80-year-old? You might believe that this is some form of elder abuse in a Third World country. It’s something that is happening more and more right in the USA. I heard a discussion about over 55’s working at Brooks Brothers factories in America. In case you don’t know, Brooks ...Read More

3 Great Jobs For Retirees

Retirement can certainly be a financial pickle if you aren’t careful, or even if you are careful. The good news is that there are part-time jobs available, and you can even make them full-time jobs if you want. In this Flash Tip, we show you where you can find work and bring in a little extra cash.

The Experience Dividend: Why Baby Boomers Are Great Employees

Who said work is a four-letter word? With millions of Baby Boomers poised to leave the workforce within the next decade, many of us want to find ways to contribute from our vast wells of experience and knowledge. We want more freedom of expression in our lives instead of continuing what might be a lukewarm commitment to a full-time job.   Yet there...Read More

What Is Happiness To You?

Happiness is more than a warm puppy for seniors. Happiness is senior discounts, early bird specials and handicap parking. Happiness is grandchildren who call even when it is not your birthday. Happiness is a warm fire and all the books you have yet to read. Happiness is a paid off mortgage and/or a reverse mortgage. Happiness is hearing the word be...Read More

A Retiree’s Guilty Pleasure – by Suzanne G. Beyer

Carol Ann Anderson decided to follow her passion for arts and crafts during retirement…in a big way! She would open a business. As her Bothell, WA home continued to swell with yarn, beads, stones, fabric, wires, sewing machines and camera equipment, what possibly could have been her husband, John’s, reaction! “For John, who has always t...Read More

Social Security: Yup – 2 Loopholes Closed, BUT – These Claiming Strategies Still Work!

Benefits-claiming strategies that work Congress recently eliminated 2 lucrative Social Security claiming strategies for most Americans. But there are still plenty of ways to boost the check that’s likely to be a main source of income in retirement. There are a few things to keep in mind. One is that benefits typically are reduced if they̵...Read More

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