Where Do You Carry Your Weight? Guess What? It Matters.

Are you an “Apple” or a “Pear?” Where do you carry your weight? And where you carry your weight has a lot to do with how healthy you stay for the long run. And here’s insights into another place where carrying weight can make a difference. Read on. For some women, their weight is almost all above the waist – in their chest and abdomen. ...Read More

Obesity Is Becoming An Issue

Obesity has hit 1 out of every 3 boomers and 2 out of 3 are categorized as overweight. David Nico, author of Diet Diagnosis, went further: “This is not a health crisis. It’s a tragedy.” That’s because obesity is not an isolated issue. It is correlated with a range of health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, k...Read More

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