Why Japan?

It's unlike anywhere else. Traditional and simple one minute, energetic and futuristic the next.  A walk among the stone pathways in the Land of the Samurai. Modern alleys that lead to ancient kimono shops. A gracious bow from locals welcoming guests indoors. Exploring the quiet chaos of compact neighborhoods tucked within Tokyo. It'...Read More

What To Look For In A Tour Operator?

Memories, brilliant photos and new friends are just a few of the benefits traveling offers us. Traveling is good for us- it empowers us to understand the world in a new way and connects us with people we otherwise never would have met. Many travelers opt to travel with a tour company, especially when going to an exotic destination. Most tour compan...Read More

Simplifying Currency Challenges in Vietnam

My husband, Billy, and I have recently arrived in Saigon, Vietnam. With 8 million residents, most riding on motorcycles in swarms, it’s quite a bit different from sleepy Panajachel or Antigua, Guatemala. When the traffic light switches from red to green, it’s like a starting point in a race. There is no single file and a massive group t...Read More

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