7 Reasons Why Technology Is Ruining Our Lives

Technology is changing the way we live, but that doesn’t mean we have to love it all the time. In fact, there are plenty of ways in which it has made our lives worse, leaving us longing for the good old days when we talked to people instead of our phones.

The Top Benefits Retired Men Have

It used to be that after a man left his job, he disappeared from his community and identity. He faded away gradually in part because of his health and in part because it was just what was expected. He had worked hard, and now it was time for him to “relax.” Currently, as a man is nearing the age of 65 considers retirement, he may have a...Read More

My Smart TV and Other Oxymorons

I just got a smart TV. It’s an oxymoron (a combination of words that have contradictory meanings) like jumbo shrimp and a little pregnant. Years ago life was simple. There were three national networks – NBC, CBS, and ABC. Trusted names like Harry Reasoner, Barbara Walters, and Howard K. Smith maintained broadcast news standards. Fake news and alter...Read More

Over 50? There’s An App For That! 7 Best Apps For Baby Boomers.

With the amount technological advances that we get to experience on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that we find the latest phone, tablet or software less and less user-ready. While millennials have grown up with the digital age at their finger tips, the learning curve for baby boomers can sometimes hinder the ability to appreciate the latest a...Read More

The Nana Monster

Tech was always my best friend. As the daughter of an electronic engineer, I had the first TV in the neighborhood. When desktops arrived in the 80s, I quickly climbed aboard. I was an author – I had to go digital. My first computer was a 1982 “portable” called Kaypro 2. It weighed a svelte 26 pounds – about the same as my 2-...Read More

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