Smile! It’s a Good Hair Day.

  Flow it, show it Long as God can grow it My hair -Refrain from “Hair”   Remember the good old days of Hair and The Age of Aquarius? When hair was an act of rebellion? Some things never change. Hair (or lack of it) helps shape who we are. 13th century Lady Godiva rode her horse through the streets of Coventry, dressed only in her long hair. R...Read More

10 things you should probably not wear if you are over 50

In a world that is so youth-obsessed that, many women over 50 feel the desire to dress as young as possible. This is not always the best approach. The goal for the over-50 woman is to look classy, with a little touch of personality. On the other hand, one of the best things about getting older is realizing that you don’t have to spend our energy wo...Read More

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