10 things men over 50 should never do

Wearing thongs & Speedos: After 50 the ravages of time and gravity have worked their magic on men. The speedo brings to light the ground-zero zones of this. Men over 50 should never wear speedos unless it is for an athletic competition.

The “Senior Games” Is Yet Another Reason Age Is Just A Number

Exercise is one thing you should never outgrow. These baby boomers are participating in the Senior Games and are proof that age is just a number. Equinox, documented the journeys of a few of the participants in this inspiring video. “Aging is not the enemy. And while some write off aging as physical decline, depending on your mindset, the lat...Read More

And, Your Assignment Is…..

Your assignment today is to make a list of the absolute worst sports clichés. Here are a few bromides to get you started: “We’re in the business of winning games.” “It’s crunch time in our season and you gotta dance with what brung ya.” “(Insert name of phenom) is the real deal. I can tell you that.” “(Insert name of phenom) is the one you want in ...Read More

I’m Your Guy!

News item: At some corporations, young urban professionals too busy with careers and stock portfolios to follow sports have hired consultants to brief them on the subject so they can make good impressions on clients who follow bats and balls. Dear yuppies, Look no more. I’m your guy. I know crackback blocks, the low block and how to put on a jock w...Read More

Women, the Olympics and Team Sports

Frank Bruni recently wrote an article called Women’s Time To Shine for the New York Times. Bruni states that the US Government passed the Title IX Act four decades ago to assure that women receive as many athletic opportunities as men. He also states that, while high schools and colleges do a fairly decent job to promote these opportunities, ...Read More

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