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Time to Call a Senior Move Manager?

Careful planning is the fundamental strategy to successful living throughout life, but it’s especially important as we (and others whom we love) approach later life. While none of us knows what the future truly holds, we clearly need to prepare to make solid, educated choices. As we grow older, some of us choose to remain in the house or apar...Read More

Dollars and Sense – Paying for Aging Services

True or False: When you need long-term care, the government will pay for it. False. Wrong answer? You aren’t alone. According to a recent AARP survey, 55 percent of American adults thought the same thing. That’s why, when it comes to paying for aging services, there are only two things to remember: plan and save. Proper planning doesn&#...Read More

Family caregivers may lack the training they need

Nearly half of the 42 million Americans who look after aging family members are taking on jobs, such as complex medication regimes and wound care, that were formerly performed by doctors and nurses. And they need more training and support to do the jobs right. That’s according to research presented recently at the Gerontological Society ...Read More

73% of People Caring for an Elderly Family Member Admit Lying to Them

National Honesty Day is April 30, a day intended to encourage people to be more honest and open in their interactions with others. But for family caregivers, honesty may not always be the best policy. recently surveyed more than 700 people taking care of an elderly parent or family member, and found that 73% admit to lying to the pers...Read More

Continuous Care: Opening Up the Conversation

Age related concerns According to Pew Research, approximately 10,000 Boomers turn 65 every day for the next 16 years. While being 65 isn’t necessarily old, questions about continuing care and assisted living seem to loom on the horizon more largely for us than before. Navigating through contracts, comparing the often nonrefundable hundreds-of...Read More

Patients have greater say in end-of-life care

You don’t have to look far to find inflammatory terms in the debate over health care reform: Death panels… rationing… throw Granny under the bus. These words can turn a reasonable discussion into a rhetorical storm that lights up radio call-in shows. But in a country where almost a quarter of Medicare dollars — about $125 bi...Read More

True cost of elder care, nursing homes

In-home U.S. senior care costs $16-$26 per hour, or $150-$280 for 24-hour live-in care, while a nursing home costs $180-$400 a day, experts say., a website involving elder care, compiled information from more than 18,000 long-term care nursing centers as well as in-home senior care options. The options are easily searched by zip c...Read More

Care for the Caregivers

A new program offers help for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia. The STAR-C program is designed to help overwhelmed in-home family caregivers who are dealing with their loved ones’ frustrating and challenging behaviors, said Carol Terry, regional coordinator. The free program, developed at the University of Washin...Read More

A Nurse, CPR, and a Call to 911

This was a week to remember. On the upside, the stock market has risen to new heights and the unemployment numbers are the best we’ve seen in two years. But the down side of the week is pretty, well, down. A young woman volunteer was mauled to death by her charge (a lion). A middle-aged man went to bed in Florida, never to wake up again becau...Read More

Scammers are targeting seniors and the general public

Consumers need to be aware of two major scams that are going on this year, one targeting seniors and the other aimed at the general public. Seniors nationwide are reporting pushy, suspicious telemarketing calls from businesses using names such as "Senior Emergency Care," "Senior Safety Alert", "American Senior Benefits Prog...Read More

Family Caregiving: An Obligation or a Gift

What do we owe our parents? The founder of the Alzheimer’s Reading Room raised this question recently, and when I thought about it, I felt�conflicted. You see, I may be in a closeted minority that’s willing to admit publicly that I don’t think I owe my parents anything. Before you start pelting me with words like “ungratef...Read More

Family Caregiving

One day a week I join with 65 million other people in the US, and assume the role of family caregiver. I drive 40 miles to my mother’s home, and do bills & pills, grocery shop, wash clothes and dishes, take her to appointments (which I have made for her), and more…much more. Sometimes, though, I just sit and listen. During the rest ...Read More

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