Tips To Avoid Financial Scams In Retirement

Security breaches, identity embezzlement, online fraud – it all could happen when you are the least prepared and even during retirement.It’s happening everywhere and leaves the countless sufferers in its sweep. If you aren’t careful, you could have con artists get access to your financial data quickly. While you wouldn’t want to lose any money anyt...Read More

5 Scams Aimed at Baby Boomers

If you’re visiting your mom or dad and see an excessive amount of junk mail, take note: Your parent might be a prime target for fraud. “If your parents’ mail is filled with sweepstakes notifications, free gift offers and more magazines than they could possibly read, chances are good they’re on a ‘sucker list,'” w...Read More

5 Senior Scams You Should Avoid

It’s no secret that scammers zero in on older adults. We seem like prime targets — generally less savvy with technology, more likely to be out of the loop about such scams and more likely to have a stash of money set aside for emergencies. But you can outsmart these criminals by arming yourself with knowledge about some of the most popular sc...Read More

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