4 Easy Ways For Baby Boomers To Save Money

Turning 50 can remind you of the importance of saving money. Retirement may be coming soon, and the high price of fighting the effects of gravity, and getting called “ma’am”. You may even begin dreading mail deliveries and the arrival of your AARP senior discount card because it means you’re official. Don’t toss that card and your newly-minted “sen...Read More

7 Secrets To Social Security Benefits

When it’s time to claim those social security benefits, depending on the Social Security Administration may be a mistake. Social Security employees generally don't give case-specific advice. This means you are on your own to make the most important financial decision of a lifetime.

Why Saving for Retirement Is Getting Harder

From time to time, we’ve all dreamed of not having the commute and saying goodbye to working every day. We’ve thought about saving money, we’ve attempted it and things always come up. There seems to be many obstacles along the way that prevent us from meeting our savings goals. We’ve overspent a little here and there. It is ...Read More

How Much Money Should You Have Saved by The Time You Retire?

One of the most put off expenses for working adults is retirement savings. The period of time we spend working is more than forty years – that’s a long time to save! During the first years of work, entry level paychecks barely cover basic expenses, which means it’s not easy, or even feasible, to save for retirement. While this is understandable, wh...Read More

Why Avoiding Those Impulse Bargain Buys Could Save Your Retirement

Are you really saving money by shopping bargain sales? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Purchasing on clearance or during a close out sale can save you money. Where it goes wrong is quantity over quality. When items are perceived as a “bargain” you end up purchasing more than you would have. Impulse shopping takes you through an unnecessary...Read More

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