Inauguration Day: President Obama’s Final Letter

Yesterday, January 19th 2017 was President Obama’s last full day in office. With America split, many are just not ready to say goodbye to the Obamas.Reading this beautiful final letter from the President to the American people, can give us hope and a little light for the on coming POTUS.Tradition dictates that the outgoing president pens a le...Read More

Donald Trump Is President Elect, Now What?

President, “Commander In Chief”, sounds pretty important. With the election behind us, and a few more months of the Obamas in office- it’s time you know what exactly a President is responsible for. The powers and responsibilities of the president are enumerated in Articles I and II of the Constitution. The president is the command...Read More

Baby Boomers Will Dominate The White House This Election

Sixteen years since Bush v. Gore, Florida still looms as a symbolic reminder of the importance of vigilance in campaign combat. Cue panic: the polls are particularly close in Florida right now. A New York Times Upshot poll, which was based on voter records in the same way campaigns conduct their internal polls, finds Hillary Clinton leading 41-40 i...Read More

What Voters Over 50 Aren’t Hearing in This Election But Need To

No matter your political affiliation, if you are over 60, you might be feeling ignored. Rightfully so, over 60 issues in this election have been skimmed over or ignored completely. Neither candidate has addressed in detail Social Security reform, ageism, Medicare, or any other issues facing the baby boomer generation. The 2016 presidential election...Read More

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