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Alzheimer’s Diagnosis and Financial Plannning

PLANNING AFTER DEMENTIA DIAGNOSIS   Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are degenerative and fatal diseases that steal a lifetime of memories and experiences. When a loved one receives an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, financial planning may not be top of mind — but it should be. As the disease progresses, financial acumen is generall...Read More

9 Key Estate-Planning Tools

You're ready to tackle estate planning, but you're not sure what “equipment” you need. Flounder no more. Here are nine essential estate-planning tools, along with details about what they do and why you need them.   1. Will A will is a written document in which you identify what you'd like done with your assets upon y...Read More

Having “The Talk”

My daughter (she’s 30-something) sent me an article: ”How To Have ‘The Talk’ With Your Aging Parents.” Does she mean ME??? Aging Parent??? Have a ‘Talk’ with ME??? Or…does she intend that I use it to have a talk with MY parent? I’m not sure I want to know the answer. All joking aside, my reacti...Read More

“The Conversation”

Earlier this week (Sept. 26, 2012) I was interviewed by and participated in a discussion sponsored by the Huffington Post concerning end-of-life conversations and health-care directives. The participants didn’t agree all the time. But when it came to “The Conversation,” (the end-of-life conversation), there was unanimous agreement...Read More

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