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Use these 10 ‘Commandments’ to help plan for retirement

Even Moses had a retirement plan – walking 40 years. Nowadays people just work 40 years – or longer – to build a plan for their retirement. If a 25-year-old works 40 years and saves $5,000 per year ($192.30 per pay period) he or she will be worth $1 million at age 65 – assuming the retirement plan makes 7 percent annually in...Read More

Drawing on SS Benefits

Retirement benefits: "When you work and pay Social Security taxes, you earn "credits toward Social Security benefits," said Social Security Administration press officer William "B.J." Jarrett in Baltimore, M.D. "The number of credits you need to get retirement benefits depends on when you were born. If you were born in...Read More

More Women Working into Retirement Years

At 73, Mary Hampton never thinks about retirement. There’s nothing to retire on. None of the jobs — mostly office work — she’s had since her husband died in 1978 offered retirement benefits. No pensions, no 401(k)s. "Without retirement, Social Security isn’t enough to live on comfortably," Hampton said. So sh...Read More

Confronting Illusions

A couple of events have occurred recently that have me thinking about some of the illusions we maintain as we age. Here are three. DEMENTIA. You may not be at all concerned about developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia – today. But you should be. It’s in the back of my mind – all the time. I may have reason for con...Read More

Changes in employment status can change retirement plans

 After 18 years in the airline industry, David Kish was downsized out of his job in 2005 long before he planned to retire. He tried selling real estate for about three years, but it wound up costing him way more than he made. Today, at 63, the Carnegie resident has dropped entirely out of the workforce and taken an early retirement, although h...Read More

Retirement Realities

Over this weekend I’ve heard two different stories about After Fiftiers who are significantly downsizing their lives and selling their homes in this down market. Why? Both are looking to generate extra income. One needs to support the care of an aging loved one; the other needs to support her own�unplanned, unexpected, early retirement. So,...Read More

After Fifty Health Insurance and Retiree Benefits

Back on December 1, 2010, an article was posted on the AFL Your Money | Insurance page, entitled: Painful Measures: Losing Retirement Health Insurance.� Once again we’re bringing the topic front and center. It simply cannot be overstated.� The promise that many employers�made, the promise of a health benefit being provided to you when y...Read More

After Fifty? Thinking of Retirement? Make It A Happy One! (Part 3)

Let’s look at the final two “secrets” to a happy retirement, as was highlighted by Sidney Lagier in her recent US News’ article. The first 2 secrets were discussed in the posting here of July 25th and the next three secrets are discussed in the posting here on July 29th.� Here are the last 2 secrets. Not Addicted To Achiev...Read More

After Fifty? Thinking of Retirement? Make It a Happy One! (Part 2)

Our previous posting here references US News’ recent article by Sydney Lagier: 7 Secrets to a Happy Retirement. In that posting, we reviewed Sydney’s first 2 secrets: good health and having a significant other in your life. Let’s look at three more of these secrets. A Social Network. The US News article mentions research showing t...Read More

After Fifty? Thinking of Retirement? Make It a Happy One!

US News came out this week with a great article, “7 Secrets to a Happy Retirement.” It could have easily been entitled “7 Secrets to a Happy Life,” as the “secrets” make a lot of sense, regardless of how many candles we have on our birthday cakes. The problem, though, is that these secrets may be a lot more diffi...Read More

Supporting Ourselves in Retirement

I recently had the opportunity to review a report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, which has produced its 2010 Retirement Confidence Survey. (You can read the report right here.) There are several significant, eye-opening findings in the report. For example, “most workers have little put away in savings and investments…”...Read More

Where To Live After Fifty: Things to Consider

After Fifty Living user “Beeples985″ wrote into the “Where To Live After 50″ forum recently. “Looking to downsize soon. Ugh, the thought of all that and moving too….” Beeples985 got me thinking – there really are so many issues and options to consider in the “stay put or move” decision-mak...Read More

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