Passionate Retirees

Retirees Are More Active When It Comes To Intimacy

A recent report in the UK Telegraph said that working-age adults are having less sex. It also indicated that one group is doing it more. You probably guessed it––retirees. The report stated that 29 percent of retirees have sex more than 11 times a month while for those working full-time it is only 24 percent and part-timers 20 percent. The myth of ...Read More

What Do I Do Now?

In speaking to various groups and consulting with people either in retirement or approaching retirement, one of the common concerns is what does one do in the future? For many of us, our work or family life defines our identity. When work comes to an end or when the children have all grown up and left home, it can leave a void in our lives.  Most p...Read More

My High Energy Regime Is…

The last few months, a number of people have remarked that I seem to have a lot of energy for my age (70 in less than two years). Or they have asked me, “From where do you get all your energy?” I have always been a high energy person. I don’t know if it’s in the genes, but I do believe that a lot of it has to do with one’s state of mind. There is a...Read More

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