Child or Roommate? 4 Tips to Manage Parenting Over 50

No matter how old your children get, they’re still your kids. You savor your time with them when they’re little and love watching them grow into capable young adults. But there comes a time when every parent is ready for their children to fly the coop. After all, part of our job as parents is to prepare our children to manage their own lives. But r...Read More

Parenting On A Wing And A Prayer

I didn’t go through teenage rebellious years until I was 42 years old, when I ran away from home and did most of what my friends had done in high school. I was a damn-near-perfect child with an intense desire to please my parents, and a profound fear of disappointing them. If my father ordered me to be home by 9:00; I was home by 8:59. If my mother...Read More

Empty Nest Syndrome and Other ‘After Fifty’ Changes

Hot on the heels of Mother’s Day, the topic of “Empty Nest Syndrome” came up in a group I belong to. “I’m too busy to be suffering from syndromes,” said one person. “Oh, empty nest syndrome? It’s not even real,” said another. But, according to none other than “yours truly” and the Ma...Read More

WikiLeaks – and “Getting It Right”

It’s the holiday season – and I want to spread as much good cheer as the next guy. Yet this WikiLeaks stuff is casting a pall over potential goodwill that is spreading like a metastasized cancer way beyond the US borders. According to Wikipedia, “WikiLeaks is an international new media non-profit organization that publishes submis...Read More

Our Children’s Choices

I ran into an old friend yesterday. We were both in a rush, yet eager to catch up. We “hit the highpoints” of our lives, including those of our children’s. And then she relayed a brief story about one child, summing it up by saying, “Well, I made my choices and now she’s making hers.” I’ve thought about her...Read More

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