Opinion: Reflection on Eating and Overeating

We live on a speck of dust in this universe called the planet Earth. It is a beautiful planet, with an abundance of riches. We share this planet with over six billion other people but, in spite of all these riches, millions of people die each year from lack of food. What’s even more tragic, millions die from health problems associated with ov...Read More

Opinion: My Perspective on Health Care

Consider the following scenario: you are rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening illness. You undergo multiple surgeries and spend a month in recovery. At the end of your stay, you are presented with a bill for over $500,000 which for some reason,your health insurance company refuses to pay. How do you think you would feel? Well, this is wha...Read More

The ‘Occupy’ Movement

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement is going global. Maybe you’re out there marching/protesting with them – or maybe not – but for certain you can’t dismiss this. As one Occupy speaker said recently, "corporations control the government and the wealth but we have the greatest power of all: the power of the peop...Read More

Opinion: Occupy Wall Street Is A Hoax

A former political advisor to former President Clinton was interviewed on the Today Show recently,his firm found that the participants have very Left Wing agendas.  There is no resolving their issues. I personally walked around the lower part of Manhattan during the beginning of October.  The "Occupiers"  were walking aroun...Read More

Opinion: 60 Going On 75

In 1994, at age 44, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In 1995 I was diagnosed with manic depression. By 1996 the MS had progressed to the point that I had to retire. Turned out the MS was remitting/relapsing. I went to college 2003-2007 and received an associate degree in paralegal, but before I could practice, I was poisoned by one of my pr...Read More

Opinion: Feeling Vibrant or Frail?

Whether I feel vibrant or frail …. It depends on the day! Depends on the weather,whether I have exercised recently, what I have eaten,the circumstances of the day and how it is progressing, and most definitely my mental & emotional state of being which guides my outlook. As the saying goes "If You are depressed You are living in the ...Read More

Opinion: New Feelings

Well, I’m now 59 and its been quite a journey . I feel as if that with age you aquire the ability to stand back and review things that happen around you, my health is good so thats not a distraction, but its interesting to watch others as they progress to this age and see all the struggles, mistakes and joys that their going through, you try ...Read More

Opinion: Like A Teenager

At 56 life couldnt be better.  Not sure if this is gender specific but i feel like im a teenager again I feel like im starting all over not where most it seeems are looking forward to the downward glide. Im in a masters in psychology program half my classmates are in 20s and im one if only four males!   Its a beautiful thing knowing ...Read More

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