8 Unhealthy Habits To Be Rid Of – NOW

With more and more people living longer than ever before, it’s crucial to explore the best ways to maintain your physical and mental health as you grow older. Here are 5 Unhealthy Habits You Should Get Rid Of By Turning 50 Years Old

5 Big Mistakes People Make After 50

Check our latest animation and learn 5 Big Mistakes People Make After 50 and why you can ‘t help getting older but you don’t have to get “old”.  Learn more at http://afterfiftyliving.com

5 Big Mistakes People Make After 50

For many people getting older can feel like a major struggle. Acceptance and enjoyment of the aging process is a terrible hysteria just waiting to burst out.  Here are 5 big mistakes people make after 50, and how to avoid them. 5) You Can’t Keep Competing With Your Younger Self Forever. Pursuing an unattainable goal can be an exercise in unnecessar...Read More

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