More people over 65 find marriage, love

After his wife died in a traffic accident on their anniversary in 2010, life was dark for John Deurwaarder. Less than a week later, Deurwaarder, an avid tennis player, had deteriorated so rapidly that he had to move into an assisted living facility at Vancouver’s Glenwood Place Senior Living. "I was too weak on my feet and couldn’t...Read More

32 years as a couple and finally tying the knot

Thirty-two years as a couple and finally tying the knot. Evelyn White, 80, and Don Lucero, 90, who have been dating since 1980, married on Valentine’s Day. They started planning their Valentine’s Day wedding just a few weeks beforehand. But no one can accuse the couple of rushing into anything. They marked the 32nd anniversary of t...Read More

The 10 Best Cities for a Happy Marriage has posted a list of the 10 best cities for a happy marriage. and it’s subscription service shows how health can make you older or younger than your years. It’s sponsored by Drs. Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz, authors of the series of books that started with "You: The Owner’s Manual." He’s th...Read More

Embracing marriage, the long and the short if it

People get from books the idea that if you have married the right person you may expect to go on "being in love" forever. As a result, when they find they are not, they think this proves they have made a mistake and are entitled to a change — not realizing that, when they have changed, the glamour will presently go out of the new lo...Read More

Lucky in love: couple marries 58 years after first kiss

Becky Asling Weinstein’s first kiss came when she was 6. It was the end of the day, and Joe Johnston sat behind her in their first-grade class at Franklin Elementary School. They were putting their books up and, when no one else was looking, "he just leaned over and kissed me." And that was that – they went their separate ways...Read More

Freedom from Hangups

Sometime in our late thirties, my husband Art and I were having a conversation over a difference of opinion. It was nothing major““I don’t even recall the topic, but I certainly remember our then-teen-age daughter stating, she didn’t like it when we fought. I responded we were merely talking about options, and if we don’t occasio...Read More

There are no perfect marriages

We have been married for over 25 years and have a good marriage. My wife wants to take a marriage class but I don't think we need it. Who is right? – J. B., Evansville Congratulations on your 25-plus years of marriage. I commend you both for the work you have done to maintain a good marriage over the years. You are at odds with your wife...Read More

Get to know your spouse before you tie the knot

Speak to anyone who has been married for years, and you will often find that communication is the key to a successful relationship. However, many couples enter a marriage without really knowing about their spouses, or how they feel about certain beliefs, hopes, aspirations or even financial concerns. After the glow of the wedding is over, couples w...Read More

Having fun is what counts in marriage

Albert Einstein, as brilliant as he was, compared himself to a small child who wandered into a great library. He could vaguely discern that the shelves were arranged in some type of purposeful order, but all the books seemed to be written in foreign languages that he couldn’t possibly read. Einstein, of course, was talking about the inscrutab...Read More

For Better or ‘Worst’ – 6 in 10 Choose Marriage

Nobody should have been shocked to read a story that reported 40 percent of people in a national survey said marriage was old news. The shocker should be that the other 60 percent are married or would try it. Because almost all marriages involve a husband who is a man. There is a reason that marriage vows have "for better or for worse" in...Read More

Challenge: Be The Best Spouse You Can

Many people are under the false assumption that marriage programs are only for those in trouble. Every marriage needs maintenance. It is difficult to keep anything in good working order without upkeep. Somehow, we think our marriage will maintain itself. Cars get tuneups and people get physical checkups. A marriage needs an annual tuneup also. If a...Read More

Ask Wife on Dates to Renew Marriage

I am struggling in my marriage. My wife takes me for granted. I get her coffee every morning, help with the housework and try to be a good husband. She is miserable all the time. She says she is not "in love with me anymore." What can I do? D.H., Boonville, Ind. Your wife may be struggling with something physical or mental. Has she had a ...Read More

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