“Considerate” Husband Regarding His “Aging” Wife…

When it comes to “After 50” relationships, there are times when you’ve just gotta smile! THANKS to AFL’s Carol Ziegler for sending this bit of “wisdom” our way!  And… keep smiling!

Good Job

No matter how good a job we do I  wonder  why negative situations take away the joy of the positive.  I am doing my best to not revisit painful times as they serve no point but I suppose because my husband and I are weeks away from our 35th wedding  anniversary we reminisce of all the good times and bad.  We try not to dwell on bad but sadly they e...Read More


Dear “OH CAROL:” My husband and I will be celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary in another 6 months.  When we became engaged, he was a struggling graduate student, and bought me a lovely sterling silver pin – but no ring.  Over the years I’ve said to him that I want a diamond – but not just any diamon...Read More

Where's Prince Charming?

Dear “OH CAROL:” I’m 52, never married and never even dated much. I’m quiet, and while I’m not ugly, I am overweight and quite ordinary.  No one has ever given me a second look. I’ve been dating a man who is 57 and who also has never been married.  He’s really my best friend.  ...Read More

Retirement, Marriage, and (What Else???) Money

My husband has just retired. There was a beautiful ceremony and a lovely party. He got all dressed up – and so did I, for that matter. We wanted to look our best because we felt this was an important occasion. This represented a rite-of-passage. He would be transitioning from the world of dutiful work into a world far less well defined, and t...Read More

How to make a good marriage better

Sparks flew when D.J. and Audrey Hubbard met on a college summer trip in Europe 50 years ago. But D.J. had a girlfriend to whom he was pinned back in Kansas, so D.J. and Audrey never dated during their whirlwind travels. They stayed in touch once they returned. Eventually, D.J.’s girlfriend found another suitor. He moved to Iowa to begin grad...Read More

Secrets to a long, happy marriage

Some might say a long celebrity marriage is one that endures the duration of the newly betrothed's trip down the aisle. We've seen Britney Spears dissolve a marriage after 55 hours and Kim Kardashian call it quits after 72 days. It seems even money can't buy matrimonial happiness.  But some couples have been together for 50, 60 ...Read More

Marriage still a goal for most

Everybody knows that half of all marriages end in divorce, and couples often cite that statistic as an excuse for not tying the knot. But it’s not true. "I don’t know where the 50-percent myth came from," says Amanda Miller, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Central Oklahoma. "But the divorce rate i...Read More

Tips for a Second Trip Down The Aisle

A second wedding is a chance to focus more on what you want as a couple instead of the wedding your parents had hoped for you. Today there are no rules in second weddings; the happy couple can customize it as they see fit. Chances are someone you know will make another trip down the aisle at one point in his or her life. Individuals who have lost a...Read More

Couple find love in retirement home

Love can be found in some of the most unexpected places. For Ellen Cook, 85, and Jim McCrum, 71, it blossomed at the Sanctuary at St. Paul’s. Both are residents there and were acquainted. “Jim’s wife and I were friends for years,” Ellen said of Patricia, who had been married to Jim 40 years before her death some six months a...Read More

75 years later, and still in love

Mildred Shelton got her first glimpse of Charlie Shelton outside a gas station in the country. She was out riding around with her friends, when she saw him pull in to pump some gas. "I remember thinking, ‘Man, he is a good-looking guy,’" said Mildred. "He was dressed so smartly." Little did she know that she’d ...Read More

Newlyweds embrace life together – again

There’s a sense of comfort when a bride walks down the aisle and sees in front of her not the unknown future she will have with her groom, but the complete picture of what they have accomplished in their lifetime. They see their children, their families — and their grandchildren with their families. And their great-grandchildren, too. S...Read More

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