Are Baby Boomers Excited About the Legalization of Marijuana

Old habits die hard- or something on the similar lines can be said about baby boomers who seem quite excited about the possibilities of legalized weed in the USA.

You’d Be Surprised At Who’s Using Marijuana These Days

If you assumed college-aged adults are leading the pack in marijuana use, you’d be incorrect. The largest consumers of marijuana are your city’s professionals, corporate workers, ganja-puffing teachers, TV execs and businessmen are going about their daily routines while under the influence. “I started realizing a lot of my family smokes weed,...Read More

Baby Boomers Smoke Recreational Marijuana With Their Adult Kids

Parents & Their Adult Kids Smoke Weed Together for the First Time. While some parents really enjoyed the bonding experience (and the weed). Others got a little sick.

More And More Baby Boomers Are Smoking Weed

A new study that gauged the increased use of cannabis among adults over the age of 50, confirms that cannabis use is on the rise and that aging cannaphobia is few and far between. Boomers are known to being on both sides of the cannabis coin. The baby boomer generation includes the flower power generation in addition to putting out some of America’...Read More

Baby Boomers Love Legal Weed

According to a recent study in the Upstart Business Journal, reports showed that medical and recreational marijuana industry as one of the fastest growing in the United States, largely because of the Baby Boomers whose pot consumption is expected to grow faster than any other demographic of pot users. More than 110.9 million Americans over 50 are e...Read More

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