Looking Back

Ghosts of Memories of Christmas Past

Since my Moms death was on Christmas Day, 3 years back, it seemed imperative that I recall what happy times occurred to us as a family with our family of four (Johnny & I were young) then came baby Mickey, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I asked myself, if I don’t recall and share, then who would…….I delight in this chosen job of joy&...Read More

I Wasn’t Her Friend

When I was a young girl there was a special woman in my life who did not care if I liked her as her role was not to be my friend.  I will admit she made me mad sometimes and I did not always agree with her but I knew enough to listen to her. There were 40 years between us and I smile thinking how she was so much different at 56 than I am today.  On...Read More

The Single Most Feared Experience from Our High-School Years: The Rope!

I spoke to a high school class the other day. Later, some students took me on a tour of the building that ended in the gymnasium. After several minutes of looking around the hardwood, I gave up. “OK, where is it?” I asked. The kids asked me to be more specific. “Just the bane of my existence when I was in PE, that’s all,” I replied. “The thing I fe...Read More

Twist and Gout

It’s date-night at the Senior Center and Babe and I are perched at a table not much bigger than a Frisbee. If we can manage to squeeze onto the microscopic dance floor we plan to boogie all night long. My man loves to dance. When the band starts up with, “Sixty Minute Man,” Babe connects with the song and immediately yanks me on to the dance floor ...Read More

Just Yesterday

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as we drove to the neighborhood I was raised.  While it is only fifteen minutes from the apartment we now live I refer to it as the old neighborhood.  Despite “never leaving home” so much has changed. The hobby shop I bought arts and crafts for school projects is now a hair salon, the candy store on...Read More

The Heat Is On

It’s been a hot summer, not just here in South Florida where everyone warned us we’d melt, but also in just departed New Jersey and pretty much all across the country.  105 degrees in the Pacific Northwest?  Please, people, you can’t deny climate change, this summer. I don’t know how people lived on the sand spit that is Florida before air conditio...Read More

Set In My Ways

Due to a sore and swollen foot I was forced to put my workout routine on rest today and my fitness activity tracker was replaced with the television remote control.  While surfing the channels I came upon an old episode of the show, “All In The Family.”    As I type I glance at the scene of Archie screaming at “Meathead” how wrong it is...Read More

The Rites of Spring

It’s here!  I can finally proclaim that spring has arrived in Hoboken, NJ.  Damn, it took its time this year.   There wasn’t even the teasing days of mid-March when you can finally shed your down jacket and Ugg boots.  There wasn’t the gradual increase in temperature that allowed you the pledge and the promise that someday soon the ashy piles of ic...Read More

Half Soldier

“Hey, Garret, who’s your buddy in the front seat? Doesn’t look human.”   He’s not. He’s a silhouette target for the military. Stands about three feet, six inches. Name is Half Soldier.   “Looks all shot up.”   He is. That’s what happens when troops fire at you.   “Odd choice of a traveling companion, wouldn’t you say?”   Not at all. Some people go ...Read More

Barbara Liked Me…Oh my!

Barbara liked me. I knew. There were too many telltale signs.    Like the time in Miss Kent’s arithmetic class when she walked past all the other boys to ask me for a pencil.    And the time she looked at me during reading group. It could have been the cloakroom she was sneaking a peak at, but I preferred to believe she wouldn’t crane her neck that...Read More

Did You Really Say, "Far Out, Man?"

I’ve written a lot about men and women who came of age during the Second World War. They’re living history lessons, and I’m not shy about popping the questions. What was the Depression like? Did you know anyone who toiled in make-work jobs provided by the WPA and CCC? At the time of your enlistment in the service, what was the furthest you had been...Read More

Immediate Gratification

A few months ago, I wrote a fairly long and heartfelt piece about the way my profession, librarianship, had changed in the forty years since I got my Master’s degree and walked through my first library door as a professional.  It was, perhaps, the best received piece I’ve ever written.  It was read and shared numerous times, and got lots of comment...Read More

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