Lonely? Change That Paradigm – Your Health Depends on It!

You’ve known it’s true. Even long before you were After Fifty. Even long before Covid-19.  Being lonely is a difficult state to be in. But existing in a state of loneliness is more than just “difficult.” We’re now learning that being lonely is a predictor of functional decline and premature death. Says who? The American Medical Association. (Here’s...Read More

4 Tips to Overcome Loneliness As We Age

When we get older, our relationships change. Our social patterns reconfigure themselves. People go on vacations. They move away. We move away, leaving loved ones. And, unfortunately, sometimes we lose people we care very much about.

Creative Steps To Fight Loneliness After 50

Loneliness is a real problem and concern for many Americans. The journal, PLOS Medicine recently concluded that loneliness could be as bad for your health as smoking and even worse than being obese. It ends up that having an active and connected social life is more than merely great fun, it is also beneficial for your health.

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