Life Lessons


Recently I went to the eye doctor and made the decision while picking out new frames to enter into the world of transition lenses. When I first placed them on I was unsure as to what to expect.  I was excited to see when I walked into the sunshine the lenses immediately went from clear white to dark brown in an instant. Most days I love the new len...Read More

Pulling For The Correct Emotions

He proudly smiled as after years of hard work he is pulling the last coupon out of the loan booklet and the car is his.  A week later he gets the rug pulled out from under him when he is told during the yearly inspection the car has some problems.  He pulls his emotions together and agrees to pay for the necessary repairs in order to pass the inspe...Read More

Ebola – and Personal Choices

My daughter will deliver her second child in about 5 or 6 weeks.  Her first child will turn 2 in about 2 months.  New mothers, newborns, and children under 2 are highly susceptible to infection.  My daughter, who lives 700 miles away, wants me to come and help. Three weeks ago I purchased my plane tickets.  Then the US identifie...Read More

I Proved Her Wrong

Were you ever told that you did not have what it takes to succeed at school, or perhaps at a sport, or playing a musical instrument?  If you were in school in the 1950s and 60s, it was not uncommon to hear students receiving this sort of negative communication. There was no concern with upsetting a student’s self-esteem by criticizing their perform...Read More


The three letters look simple but did you ever find yourself asking the question, what am I doing this for? My husband and I are going through an emotional and sad time with close family members.  It has been ongoing and we tried to reach out a number of times and left messages but the last attempt was not met with voicemail but a disconnected tele...Read More

Bra Straps and Cultural Progress

It’s back-to-school time and a couple nights ago Brian Williams (NBC Nightly News) listed some things that today’s college freshman never experienced in their lifetime. He also listed cultural “stuff” that may be “everyday” for today’s college freshman, cultural changes, as he described them. Yet one of the...Read More

“You’re Never Too Old…”

“You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – CS Lewis What a great saying! So upbeat, so positive, so reaffirming. But you’ve gotta ask, “Is it really true?” I’ve concluded that there may be a time when setting another goal or dreaming a new dream is indeed impossible – ...Read More

No One Is Looking?

You’ve probably noticed that we have a lot of articles on After Fifty Living that address the topic of healthy living. Our topics include heart health, disease control, addiction, among others, and oh yes, obesity. So I, more than most people, should be “walking the walk” – in addition to my constantly talking the talk. But ...Read More

Personal Responsibility

We ran an article recently (Paula Deen’s Not To Blame for Your Waistline, Y’All) that really struck a chord. Seems like lots of us are simply fed-up with those who blame everyone and everything else for whatever negative thing is going on in life. And so, without trying to sound like a “scolding grandmother,” here’s my...Read More

Exercise, Mice, and Brick Walls

There’s a wonderful article which appeared in the NY Times earlier this week, Can Exercise Keep You Young. The article explains that “exercising” mice significantly outlive sedentary mice. In addition, the exercising mice have a much better quality of life – they stay youthful and vital for much longer periods. I find these ...Read More

Some Life Lessons from Andy Rooney – Part 2

Here’s a gift to you all from me – the final installment of simply wonderful sayings by the incredible Andy Rooney. Enjoy! I’ve learned … that the easiest way for me to grow as a person is to surround myself with people smarter than I am; … that everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile; … that no one...Read More

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