Life Lessons

Things I’m Glad I’ve Lived Through (and Never Have to Revisit)

I belong to many nostalgia lists. Most of these sites center on memories of Philadelphia, since that’s where I spent my childhood and adolescence. Mostly these sites just make me homesick for cheesesteaks, water ice (or wadder ice, in the Philadelphia vernacular), and all-night diners where late dates ended over “kitchen sink” ice cream boats. Howe...Read More

Organ Donors – Meet My Daughter, the Hero

This is one of my heartfelt blog posts, so if you are not up for heartfelt you should stop reading now. • Oh, you’re still here. Good. I am about to tell you a story of the daughter we raised and how she became a hero. First some statistics. More than 123,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ transplant as of 2015. A new person joins the ...Read More

Bowie: Life Well Lived – Death Well Planned

This has been a tough time for baby boomers and rock ‘n’ roll fans, punctuated by the deaths of David Bowie, Eagles’ co-founder Glenn Frey, Dan Haggerty of Grizzly Adams fame, Mott the Hoople’s drummer Dale Griffin, and singer Celine Dion’s husband and brother. Dr. Mark Taubert, a palliative care physician in Cardiff, United...Read More

Number One Hits

Emmy’s, Oscars, Grammy’s.  Every year we honor the number one hits in television, movies and music with awards and celebrations.  I sometimes wonder if the ordinary person deserves awards too.  In the quest to be number one do we sometimes lose sight of what is important? ​I am a huge fan of the award winning performer Adele and could n...Read More

The Significant Part

“By this curious turn of disposition I have gained the reputation of deliberate heartlessness; how undeserved, I alone can appreciate.” ― Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights   I am doomed. I didn’t write “amen” and share the picture of the baby with birth defects, the starving animal, or the amputee veteran who heedlessly came in contact with an IED. I...Read More

Nana’s Fishing Pole

I have been exceedingly blessed in my life to have had the influence of two remarkable grandmothers. Nana, my mother’s mother lived most of her life in small towns or settlements with limited access to stores and other amenities. Nana exhibited a remarkable work ethic, a tremendous “can do” attitude and a full range of talents she used to enhance h...Read More

Stay Young, My Friend!

                                                                                                        Stay Young, My Friend!              We all need to read this one over and over until it becomes part of who we are! HOW TO STAY YOUNG 1. Try everything twice. On one woman’s tombstone she said she wanted this epitaph: “Tried everythin...Read More

10 Tips for 2016! Let’s Be Smart with Our After 50 $$s!

Senior living involves more than just retiring from a job and relaxing in your later years. For older Americans, a raft of issues arises and many questions need to be answered as you age. Some are personal, others are legal, and often they involve not only you but your family members. These top 10 tips should help guide you through the must-do̵...Read More

The Fifteen Ways I Know I’ve Gotten Old

I am a bonafide Baby Boomer, born in 1950, five years after the “boom” started. What this means, from a decidedly egotistical standpoint,t is that I have always felt as if the world’s focus was on my age mates and me, and I have always felt eternally young. Therefore, it came as a great surprise to me that age is catching up to me. Besides the usua...Read More

The Last Potato Chip

  The continuum of living has been in large part replaced by a regimented code of life stations and appropriate conduct. This code came unnoticed from unwritten society rules brought on by the natural regimentation of persons who grew up in new suburbia, the results of GI loans and suburban homes additions offered to our returning servicemen a...Read More

Just Yesterday

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as we drove to the neighborhood I was raised.  While it is only fifteen minutes from the apartment we now live I refer to it as the old neighborhood.  Despite “never leaving home” so much has changed. The hobby shop I bought arts and crafts for school projects is now a hair salon, the candy store on...Read More

The Heat Is On

It’s been a hot summer, not just here in South Florida where everyone warned us we’d melt, but also in just departed New Jersey and pretty much all across the country.  105 degrees in the Pacific Northwest?  Please, people, you can’t deny climate change, this summer. I don’t know how people lived on the sand spit that is Florida before air conditio...Read More

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