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Which – Scamming or Flattering? How to Tell?

Dear “Oh Carol:” I was shopping at Costco and saw some snow boots I thought would be great for my son (he lives in Norway).  So, I’m inspecting them and up comes a guy, probably 10 years younger than me (I’m in my early 60’s) and he starts talking to me.  Great boots, great price, well made, and on and on.  I’m wondering wha...Read More

Is It Yesterday Yet?

  Where did the years go? It feels just like yesterday.Remember sizzling steak, ice cream sundaes, and drippy grilled cheese when everyone thought they were healthy? How about reading the paper filled with more words than ads, and struggling to fold the pages into a manageable size? Think about those glorious days when dessert was an essential...Read More

How Old Do You Have To Be?

  How old do you have to be to get only one candle on your birthday cake? How old do you have to be before it’s OK to back out of your driveway without looking? How old do you have to be before the only way to find something lost in your house is to buy a replacement? Let’s face it. Life is funny. We have to laugh about things like body parts ...Read More

Living Life To The Fullest Regardless Of “Social Norm”

  Like Forrest Gump said, life is definitely like a box of chocolates. That means, of course that you never know what you are going to get (that is until you bite into enough of them to make that judgment from the outside). But…Forrest Gump lived his life as if it were a never-ending bag of potato chips that he carried with him all the t...Read More

Advice My Mother Never Gave Me

You have muscles “down there” and you need to train them. They’re called Kegels and believe me, you want to learn how to squeeze those puppies dry. You won’t be aware of the Kegels until after you have born children and even then, muscles will bottom out on the childrearing spectrum. But one day your children will cease asking for your advice and y...Read More

Carbon Copies

We’ve lost a righteous man. His name was Eli Wiesel. You may know him only as the author of Night, an account of his life in Auschwitz, from the age of 14 ½ to age 16. I personally believe that he may have been a lamed vavnik. Yes, I know that am straying into dangerous territory here, but this is a legend, not religious teaching exactly. &nb...Read More

Take Good Care of Yourself

Button up your overcoat when the wind is free, take good care of yourself you belong to me!  This is a line from a song and to be totally honest I cannot tell you the rest of the lyrics.  I just remember hearing my Aunt sing it when I was a child.  Taking care of others is important to many of us. I posted a survey a few weeks ago asking what part ...Read More

When Inspired, You Don’t Tire Easily

We recently returned from a trip to the USA during which we hired two separate vehicles. During a five-week period, we traveled over 10,000 kilometers. Initially, we went skiing in Colorado then journeyed to Cheyenne, Wyoming, Mt Rushmore, the Badlands of South Dakota, Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and traversed Montana to Yellowstone National Park. On ...Read More

What If…We Actually DID Something?

A “personal opinion?” You bet. And…one to be proud of!  Garret Mathews lived in Southern West Virginia from 1972 until 1987 where he wrote feature stories and, later, columns for the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. The newspaper’s circulation area includes McDowell County, one of the poorest counties in Appalachia. Before mine mechaniz...Read More

Who Can Top the Body Count?

I have written some version of this blog at least ten times in the last seventeen years. I am able to accurately carbon date the first essay because it was about the Columbine shootings. I was a Coloradan at the time; proud Broncos fan; devotee of the Tattered Cover bookstore, which is the best independent bookseller in the company, bar none. We li...Read More

Enter Helen: the Invention of Helen Gurley Brown and the Rise of the Modern Single Woman

Book by Brook Hauser.  Review and commenting by Lois Rubin Gross. It started with Seventeen, the teenage girl’s bible. Each month, I would wait anxiously for the thick, glossy magazine to arrive on the magazine rack at the corner candy store. Every month I would scout the corner candy store until the thick, glossy magazine arrived on the stand. I e...Read More

Am I Impatient?

On a quiet Saturday morning I sat in my bedroom with my first mug of freshly brewed coffee and felt the crisp breeze coming from the bedroom window. The street outside was clear and peaceful after a rainy night and the sun peeked through the sheer curtain covering the window. In the quiet of the early morning I remembered I had not written a blog i...Read More

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