How Your Tax Rates Change In Retirement

Taxes have long been the bane of our existence. April comes around and everyone starts getting a little antsy. Life is suddenly measured in cash in, and cash out. Look around, what can you write off? The dog walker, can you get anything back as an expense? What about the newspaper? In retirement, various events conspire to lift you up the income la...Read More

The IRS and Identity Theft

He and my husband are great friends – going on 40 years! In addition to being a good friend, he’s also very bright, well-educated, and very (very) comfortable, financially-speaking. So we were surprised by his story. He owns two homes, a principal residence and a vacation home. When he files his federal taxes, he files them based on his...Read More

Tax Prep – Throw Caution To The Wind?

They’re baaaaack!� All those forms.� You know what I mean.� It’s January, so all the forms necessary to file our taxes are filling our mailboxes.� They serve as a grim reminder of the nasty task that lies ahead.� What I mean by “nasty task” is the prep work that needs to be done to file the taxes. So, last night I ...Read More

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