Retirees Are More Active When It Comes To Intimacy

A recent report in the UK Telegraph said that working-age adults are having less sex. It also indicated that one group is doing it more. You probably guessed it––retirees. The report stated that 29 percent of retirees have sex more than 11 times a month while for those working full-time it is only 24 percent and part-timers 20 percent. The myth of ...Read More

Intimacy and Aging: Use It or Lose It

Aging Americans can and do enjoy high levels of sexual satisfaction. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine on sexual activity in older American women contained both good news and potential concerns. The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine study,[1] followed 806 older women in a planned community for 40 years. They...Read More

Intimacy and Aging

You’ve probably noticed that if the topic of intimacy and seniors comes up when your children or other young ones are around, that invariably you get a disgusted look appearing on their faces. Or you may get the response, “TMI” (Too Much Information). The fact is that when it comes to sex, “It ain’t over till it’...Read More

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