Identity Theft

7 Easy Ways To Avoid Identity Theft

Every year roughly 17 million people fall victim to identity theft of some kind. Identity theft is when someone gets access to your Social Security number, bank or credit card account number, or other identifying information and uses it to steal from you. Reduce your risks by safeguarding your information with these simple steps. 1. Never ever give...Read More

Medical Identity Theft: Why You Should Worry

A woman we’ll call “Jane” found herself listed as the mother of a baby whose drug-addicted birth mother abandoned the child at the hospital and stole Jane’s health insurance information. The ensuing nightmare scenario — in which Jane was threatened with the removal of her real children from her home and faced financial...Read More

Scams: Targeting Our Aging Loved Ones

Recently we ran an article that flew right to the top of the charts: Scammed By Love. It’s the true story of 73 year-old Lydia, from Vancouver, who was scammed by a guy she met through an online dating site. And it quickly reminded me of the time I was in my 90 year-old mother’s home when the infamous “Rachel from Cardmember Servi...Read More

The IRS and Identity Theft

He and my husband are great friends – going on 40 years! In addition to being a good friend, he’s also very bright, well-educated, and very (very) comfortable, financially-speaking. So we were surprised by his story. He owns two homes, a principal residence and a vacation home. When he files his federal taxes, he files them based on his...Read More

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