Thanksgiving v. Vegetarians

The holiday season is upon us! Yes, I know that according to the retail industry, the holiday season has been upon us since Memorial Day, but that’s a whole other rant. According to the calendar, we are now in November and right there, on an old-fashioned, printed calendar, November 26 is adorned with a symbolic turkey. In light of current politics...Read More

How To Make A Holiday Grinch Smile

I must admit to having Grinch-like qualities when it comes to the winter holidays. By the time we get to December, I am burned out on Christmas carols and holiday décor that have been going strong since, at least, October.  My local Macys actually never takes down their tinsel and glittery balls in an attempt to get me to feel Christmas...Read More

A Christmas Feeling

“Oh my! It’s fruitcake weather, Buddy.” ~ A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote   Our house is unusually quiet today while Babe recovers from serious but incredibly successful surgery, one that saved his life. He sleeps a lot. After a certain age recovery is no walk in the park.   Emotionally, I swing between an overwhelming feeling of relief th...Read More


While growing up my mothers closet had one powder blue dress with a bow on front.  On her dresser was a tiny jewelry box which contained a set of costume earrings with a matching necklace.  This outfit is remembered as the special occasion attire as she wore it to all of our sacraments, graduations, parties, and family events. It made me sad to thi...Read More

Holiday visits can be an ideal time to discuss elder care

The over-the-river-and-through-the-woods trip to grandmother's house also is prime time to assess Mom and Dad's health before a crisis occurs, aging experts say. Counseling experts already are witnessing a 66% growth in calls this year from adult children seeking advice on complex medical, legal and financial quesions involving aging pare...Read More

The World's Toughest Holiday Quiz (or is it???)

You think you know the holidays? Well, here's the hardest, most meticulously researched, make-you-rush-to-Google … Oh, never mind. Just have fun! 1. What holiday song has sold the most copies (in single and album form) since 1940? A. “White Christmas”B. “Jingle Bell Rock”C. “Let It Snow”D. “Do Yo...Read More

Enjoy the Yuletide – Tips for Having a Fabulous “After Fifty” Holiday

While these can be our best years ever, the holiday season can stress even the most laid-back of After Fiftiers. Embrace these tips and turn that stress into celebration, enjoying a festive, fabulous Yuletide! 1. “Spruce” Applies to More than the Tree! Feel tired, worn-out – maybe even “old?” ‘Tis the season...Read More

Look Out! November’s Here!!

Everyone seems to have a month of the year where there is a cluster of significant events. In my life, it’s November. In Novembers past, I have had: -� A sister-in-law I was very close to died in Nov. 2001-� I had a mastectomy for breast cancer in Nov. 2004-� The Gathering Inn bought its property and incorporated in Nov. 2007-� My Mom...Read More

Family – And Holiday Traditions

For the first time ever in my memory, we had four generations sitting around our holiday table this year. In the picture to the left, you see the star of the show, our first (and only) grandchild, Daisy. Her dad, (my son) and his wife are pictured there along with me and my mother, who has the exalted role as a first-time great-grandmother. Missing...Read More

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