After Fifty Health Insurance and Retiree Benefits

Back on December 1, 2010, an article was posted on the AFL Your Money | Insurance page, entitled: Painful Measures: Losing Retirement Health Insurance.� Once again we’re bringing the topic front and center. It simply cannot be overstated.� The promise that many employers�made, the promise of a health benefit being provided to you when y...Read More

The Status of Women’s Health

Roni Caryn Rabin writes in the NY Times this week about the most recently released study about the status of women’s health in this country – with an article entitled “Study Finds Setbacks in Women’s Health.” More women are binge drinking, downing “five or more drinks at a single occasion in the past month;”...Read More

The Tie Between Ovarian Cancer and Hormone Therapy

The New York Times has done women a great favor by recently publishing an article by Roni Caryn Rabin, “Study Ties Ovarian Cancer and Hormone Therapy.” Rabin writes that study authors found that, even after controlling for a variety of expected factors, “women taking post-menopausal hormone therapy had a 29 percent greater risk of...Read More

An End of Life Journey Begins

Yes, I know. It’s been much too long since I have posted here. But as is the case with many of us who are After Fifty, life sometimes intervenes (interferes) with our plans. The intervening factor here was the sudden, unexpected illness and hospitalization of my 88-year-old mother. It was touch-and-go for a bit, and, bottom line, even though ...Read More

Alzheimer’s, The Puzzle

The October 25, 2010 issue of Time Magazine ran a thought-provoking cover story by Alice Park entitled “Alzheimer’s Unlocked.” No, the cure has not yet been found. And no, there still is no 100% definitive method of diagnosing the disease – until after death. In fact, recent experimentation and study has led, in some cases, ...Read More

Friendships – Finding Them As We Age

Toddling off to school may have brought an unexpected surprise to many of us. We discovered other youngsters – similar to us, at least in age.� Some of these others may have become more than just passing acquaintances. We really shined up to some who became our friends. So, while attending school allowed us to grow intellectually, we also c...Read More

Prostate Cancer Surgery – An Informed Choice?

My father officially died 18 months ago at age 89 – but life had changed dramatically for him 26 years earlier. Diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 63, he underwent a radical prostatectomy that left him both incontinent and impotent for the remaining 26 years of his life. He could no longer work (one peeing accident put an end to that), or ...Read More

Too Old To Drive?

I drove up to the ATM earlier this afternoon – and had an experience I won’t forget soon. I was driving a car which seats me lower to the ground than I like for conducting a drive-thru ATM transaction. I pulled up – and, foolishly (I readily admit), left the car in gear – with my right foot on the brake. Because I was seated...Read More

After Fifty? Thinking of Retirement? Make It A Happy One! (Part 3)

Let’s look at the final two “secrets” to a happy retirement, as was highlighted by Sidney Lagier in her recent US News’ article. The first 2 secrets were discussed in the posting here of July 25th and the next three secrets are discussed in the posting here on July 29th.� Here are the last 2 secrets. Not Addicted To Achiev...Read More

After Fifty? Thinking of Retirement? Make It a Happy One!

US News came out this week with a great article, “7 Secrets to a Happy Retirement.” It could have easily been entitled “7 Secrets to a Happy Life,” as the “secrets” make a lot of sense, regardless of how many candles we have on our birthday cakes. The problem, though, is that these secrets may be a lot more diffi...Read More

Alzheimer’s: A “Bold Plan”

It’s infuriating the way TV advertisements present Alzheimer’s disease. The socially acceptable scenarios played out on the�screen are�insulting to those who deal with the raw truth of this devastating illness. Televised fantasies contribute to dulling our senses to the urgency needed to get on with solving this issue. AlzheimerR...Read More

Where To Live After Fifty: Things to Consider

After Fifty Living user “Beeples985″ wrote into the “Where To Live After 50″ forum recently. “Looking to downsize soon. Ugh, the thought of all that and moving too….” Beeples985 got me thinking – there really are so many issues and options to consider in the “stay put or move” decision-mak...Read More

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