A Shared Story: Family With Prostate Cancer

My father in law developed prostate cancer in his mid 70’s.  He had his blood tests every year and it showed up.  So, he went directly to his doctor and had a "seed" procedure done and he did just fine.  But this is the way he always was.  Very direct, matter of fact and straight forward.  It was a bit of sh...Read More

A Shared Story: 69 and Feeling Fine

At 50 I weighed 230, wore size 26 and felt like 90.  Found awesome diet/way of eating, lost 90# in 6 months.  Lost car so rode bicycle 8.2 miles to work at age 65, got interested in fitness, joined a gym at 68.  Went on Carnival Cruise at 69 and did underwater walking and extreme canopy in Puerta Viarta. Now I am changing my eating h...Read More

A Shared Story: Prostate Cancer – A Disability Advocate’s View of My Remaining Life

First, it’s really hard to be down in the dumps about the News of the Cancer because I have been living with Multiple Disabilities and Illnesses since 1990. When I got the News from the VA Hospital, over the Telephone, at about 7:00 A.M. it was like Receiving/Watching the News. It Sounds bad but now what? Thankfully, being a Disability Advoca...Read More

A Shared Story: My Wife Survived Stage IV Melanoma

Discovery….. It was the fall of 1992 and my wife, Anne, and I were getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner.  My sister in-law, travelling from the Midwest with all her children, was coming for dinner and an extended stay.  Shortly after her arrival, however, the nurse in her came to the surface.  She stared at Anne’...Read More

A Shared Story: In A Nick of Time

In January of 1992, we left home and family and moved to a completely new city.  We knew no one and no one knew us.  One year later, I sent my husband off to a free screening for Prostate Cancer.  I have NO IDEA what put the idea into my head.  I simply saw the ad in a local paper and I sent him off, "kicking and screaming....Read More

Scams: Targeting Our Aging Loved Ones

Recently we ran an article that flew right to the top of the charts: Scammed By Love. It’s the true story of 73 year-old Lydia, from Vancouver, who was scammed by a guy she met through an online dating site. And it quickly reminded me of the time I was in my 90 year-old mother’s home when the infamous “Rachel from Cardmember Servi...Read More

“The Conversation”

Earlier this week (Sept. 26, 2012) I was interviewed by and participated in a discussion sponsored by the Huffington Post concerning end-of-life conversations and health-care directives. The participants didn’t agree all the time. But when it came to “The Conversation,” (the end-of-life conversation), there was unanimous agreement...Read More

Take Away the Car Keys? Okay!

I made an important decision today – and I’m hopeful my children will be very grateful for my future act of wisdom. I have decided that I will voluntarily give up the car keys when not doing so would endanger me and/or others. There. No need to hide my car keys, or report me to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, or hold meetings behind my ...Read More

After Fifty – and Proud of It!

Most of us don’t like it…we just don’t like being called a “senior.” It doesn’t matter whether we’re newly inaugurated into the After Fifty generation, or have been active members for a while. Bottom line – we bristle when referred to as a “senior.” Why? Yes, the word “senior”...Read More

“You’re Never Too Old…”

“You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – CS Lewis What a great saying! So upbeat, so positive, so reaffirming. But you’ve gotta ask, “Is it really true?” I’ve concluded that there may be a time when setting another goal or dreaming a new dream is indeed impossible – ...Read More

Aging and Obesity

A recent study reports that “obesity is associated with reduced memory and thinking skills in adults aged 60 to 70, especially those with greater amounts of abdominal fat.” The study does caution that obesity doesn’t “cause” reduced memory – but the relationship between the two is strong. Now, maybe we can agree ...Read More

Living to 100

Do you want to live to be 100? Someone sent me an article (see link below) that identifies health and lifestyle habits that it says will�increase your odds of�getting there. But let’s start at the starting line. If you continue living in your current fashion, how long would you expect to live? I tried this Longevity Calculator, and it&rsq...Read More

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