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When Aging Parents Lack Health Insurance

A hospital waiting room is a lousy place to discover that Mom and Dad are broke. Unfortunately, a parent’s health crisis often provides the first warning sign that the folks have made a major financial blunder by dropping or downgrading their Medicare supplement health insurance to save money. “In a lot of cases, this comes up at the la...Read More

Thinking of Retiring Outside the US? Better Think About Health Insurance

Is Belgium beckoning as a retirement roost? Is Canada coaxing you? If you retire abroad, be aware that you likely won’t be able to count on your American health insurance to cover a trip to the emergency room — or even a routine checkup. Medicare rarely covers any health care outside the U.S., cautions Josef Woodman, the founder and CEO...Read More

Medical Identity Theft: Why You Should Worry

A woman we’ll call “Jane” found herself listed as the mother of a baby whose drug-addicted birth mother abandoned the child at the hospital and stole Jane’s health insurance information. The ensuing nightmare scenario — in which Jane was threatened with the removal of her real children from her home and faced financial...Read More

Medicare Open Enrollment: 6 "Gotta Do" Tips

Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug plans began last week and will continue through December 7. As many seniors experience, this can be a daunting time with many questions and few answers. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are six tips that consumers should keep in mind as they research available pl...Read More

Can Obamacare Help You Afford Early Retirement?

While the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, remains a controversial topic in the political arena, many Americans are assessing how it might impact their retirement plans. After all, health insurance coverage is one reason why many people stick with their jobs until they reach age 65, when they're finally eligible for Medicare. It turns out th...Read More

Three Things Seniors Can Do Amidst Rising Costs

It’s no secret that the rising cost of Medicare is taking a toll on America’s seniors. This is most especially felt by the increase in out-of-pocket expenses. Many retirees are on fixed incomes, so the impact to their quality of life can be detrimental. As if the rising costs were not enough, an Orlando-based insurance company was recen...Read More

After Fifty Health Insurance and Retiree Benefits

Back on December 1, 2010, an article was posted on the AFL Your Money | Insurance page, entitled: Painful Measures: Losing Retirement Health Insurance.� Once again we’re bringing the topic front and center. It simply cannot be overstated.� The promise that many employers�made, the promise of a health benefit being provided to you when y...Read More

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