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Food Fight

Memories of golden honey glazed ham, apple pie a la mode smothered in real whipped cream, and dark chocolate peppermint bark have given way to the harsh reality of the new year. The words dance in our heads like defeated 2016 politicians. Eat Green. Eat Healthy. Eat Right. There’s no pivoting: it’s time for a food fight. Like the new cabinet in Was...Read More

Want a Better Life? At 50, 60 and beyond? MOVE IT!

Humans are complex beings of body, mind and spirit. The more integrated we are in these three areas, the more likely we are to have a balanced life. While the spirit is something beyond the physical senses and motor functions, the body and mind are two areas that we can exercise to significantly improve our state of well-being. We have identified f...Read More

Stem Cells May Be The Cure To Heart Disease

Every year about 715,000 Americans have heart attack. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and for the first time, more women are dying of heart disease than men. Having a heart attack can have a very major affect on your life and your lifestyle. But imagine how different that might be if...Read More

Retirees Are More Active When It Comes To Intimacy

A recent report in the UK Telegraph said that working-age adults are having less sex. It also indicated that one group is doing it more. You probably guessed it––retirees. The report stated that 29 percent of retirees have sex more than 11 times a month while for those working full-time it is only 24 percent and part-timers 20 percent. The myth of ...Read More

Coffee Habits May Influence Mild Cognitive Impairment Risk

HealthDay News — A study of more than 1,400 Italian seniors has found a link between patterns of coffee consumption and risk for mild cognitive impairment. The findings are reported in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Vincenzo Solfrizzi, MD, PhD, of the University of Bari Aldo Moro in Italy, and colleagues looked at the coffee consum...Read More

A Life Event – and The 7 Lessons I Learned

Events in life have a way of humbling us. We all have those incidents that we may have perceived as negative, however, if we appreciate what occurred as a learning experience, we can benefit from it. In January 2009, while skiing in Utah, Adele sustained a severe trauma. The result was a fractured hip that necessitated hip replacement surgery the f...Read More

Laverne’s View: Human Body Shops

As a result of modern medicine, medical advances, and public education, the average human life span has risen from age 45 in 1840 to 85 in 2000. Bruce J. Klein, director at the Immortality Institute in Alabama, questions whether we will find a cure for aging altogether, or will life span peak at some natural limit.  I believe I have a viable sugges...Read More

Angelina Jolie – Menopause, Estrogen and Breast Cancer

In this post, I would like to share my thoughts on some important points related to Angelina Jolie, estrogen and breast cancer that are impactful yet have been largely overlooked by most of the coverage. As you likely know, about two years ago Angelina Jolie, who has the BReast CAncer  (BRCA1) gene and a strong family history of cancer, had her bre...Read More

Why Women Are At Greater Risk for Depression and Dementia

There are definitely gender differences when it comes to psychiatric issues and substance abuse. Males are more at risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, Tourette syndrome, oppositional defiant disorder and possibly schizophrenia. Because these often show up early in life, it’s thought they are caused or influenced by androgens ...Read More

Medical Identity Theft: Why You Should Worry

A woman we’ll call “Jane” found herself listed as the mother of a baby whose drug-addicted birth mother abandoned the child at the hospital and stole Jane’s health insurance information. The ensuing nightmare scenario — in which Jane was threatened with the removal of her real children from her home and faced financial...Read More

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